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Cool As A Cucumber, Fit As A Fiddle – Three Reasons Why Fishing Is Good For Your Health!



Keen fishermen will not be short of reasons to go out and try for a big catch. There is something addictive about fishing and once you get involved with it you’ll find it hard to stay away from the rivers and seas! Fishing is classed as a sport as well as a favorite hobby and pastime. There’s something very satisfying about improving your knowledge, technique, and ultimately your catch that keeps people coming back for more.

However, there is another huge benefit to fishing that people don’t take into account. The next time you are looking for an excuse to go fishing, tell yourself that it is exceptionally beneficial for your health. Because it’s not overly active, people underestimate how good it is for your wellbeing but there are several reasons why fishing will keep you in good health and we’ll tell you about them here.

Fit as a Fiddle!

OK so your heart won’t be racing (until the big catch!) but don’t forget that getting to and from the place where you fish takes physical effort. You may have to walk a long way down a riverbank or a beach to find your perfect fishing spot and this all burns calorie and keeps you active. Combining a walk with a fishing session is a great way to integrate exercise into your life.

Cool as a Cucumber!

Fishing has the knack of making you really chilled out. Think about it – you are sitting in a peaceful and tranquil place, in the middle of nature and looking out over a beautiful expanse of water. Of course, it’s good for you! Fishing gives your mind a chance to rest and you will be able to think a lot more clearly about things. When you live a busy life it’s really hard to find any time to chill out, but sitting down with just your rod at the side of a riverbank can help you to instantly relax, take a deep breath, and smile. It’s great for your mental health – it has been proven over and over and again that we need a time out of our busy lives to be able to process things.

Full as a Butcher’s Dog!

If you’re the sort of fisherman that likes to take his catch home to eat then you’re onto a clear winner! Fish is one of the healthiest foods there is – it is low in fat, high in Omega 3 acids, and eating it has been linked with improved brain performance. And when it’s as fresh as it is when you’ve just caught it, it’ll still be packed full of all the goodness you need. What better way to celebrate a successful day out fishing than to take the fish home, fry it up and eat it with a slice of lemon? It’s delicious and super healthy.

So – the next time you’re looking for a reason to go fishing remind yourself that it’s brilliant for your health and you will be a lot more relaxed as a result… and you won’t have to buy dinner either!