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El Camino To Santiago Walking Tours And Other Fitness Escapes



It used to be that when you planned to go on vacation it gave you an excuse to be lazy, lie around all day and eat however much and whatever you wanted. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly more popular to organize a holiday around health and exercise. As people become more aware of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, it begins to creep into all areas of their lives and soon they find themselves booking trips to walk, bike, swim, run or meditate theirs across the world. Here are some great ideas that will fulfill both your need for a vacation and the desire to get fit while you’re on an adventure.

Walk El Camino to Santiago

The 500-mile trek through Northern Spain attracts thousands of people every year from all over the world. Though it originated as a spiritual pilgrimage with the grand cathedral in Santiago de Compostela as the final destination, travelers now walk the El Camino to Santiago for many reasons, and exercise is one of them. If you have time to spare and the month it takes to walk the entire path, this is a great overall cultural experience that will leave you with much more than a general sense of accomplishment.

Swim the British Virgin Islands

Spend a week island hopping in the British Virgin Islands using the crystal clear waters around you and nothing else but your own swimming skills. Beginning from Virgin Gorda every morning, you’ll swim a distance of two to four kilometers a day and experiencing colorful reefs and native sea life along the way. You’ll also have time to stop and explore each island and its tropical forests on hikes and walks.

Kayak Mozambique

This isn’t your typical African safari. Kayaking the Mozambique Channel will give you the opportunity to get in quite the arm workout while navigating the coastal waters, snorkeling on coral reefs, camping on beautiful beaches, and fishing. Although you won’t be riding on elephants or getting up close and personal with giraffes and lions, the chances that you’ll still get your fill of Africa’s wildlife is pretty good.

Yoga From Turkey to the Greek Islands

If you’re really looking to get away from all your everyday stresses, a weeklong yoga cruise through Turkey and the Greek Islands might just be the ticket. You’ll start every morning and end every night with yoga sessions, have nutritious home-cooked meals prepared for you, and be given ample opportunities for exploring ancient ruins, hiking through villages, visiting a Turkish bath, kayaking, swimming, and other water excursions.

Mountain Bike in Peru

You’ve heard of the world-famous Inca Trail for sure, and maybe you’ve even thought about making the trek but walking just won’t do it for you. If steering your bike along uphill mountain trails and back down sounds more like your thing, a cycling tour of the Inca’s network of trails is your chance to see what all the hype is about. The experiences of breathtaking views of the scenery surrounding you, riding through ancient, virtually untouched villages, and capping it off with a visit to Machu Picchu will definitely satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Boot Camp in France

Putting yourself through boot camp is an intense experience that can be made fun if you open your mind to it. The seven-day program at Camp Biche in the beautiful countryside of France starts each day with an ab fitness class before you take off on a hike, and then you’ll come back to several classes to choose from including Zumba, yoga, Pilates, or circuit training. A bonus to this vacation is that you won’t leave everything behind when you return home. You’re taught healthy eating habits and easy home exercise routines.

The next time you sit down to plan a vacation think about what you really want to get out of it and how a fitness adventure can leave you feeling satisfied well beyond your average out of town excursion.