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Relief For Sleep Apnea – How To Start The Search For A Good Night’s Rest



When you were a little girl, one of the first places that you should have run to when you were afraid, or when you had a nightmare, should have been to your parents’ bedroom. There is something comforting about knowing that your parents can protect you and that they can help you relax into a soothing sleep. However, comfort is impossible when your father snores loud enough to keep you awake for hours. This would make any small girl insure that any man she marries does not have the same snoring problems her father has.

Funnily enough, this is something that cannot truly be prevented. A woman may find out that her boyfriend is wonderful, and she may love him dearly. However, this does not control the fact that her boyfriend might have a significant problem: He has sleep apnea. For some, this is not a subtle snore that would lull some to sleep; with this condition, a boyfriend can snore so loudly that his girlfriend wakes up with headaches, despite the fact that she has crammed earplugs into place and has pillows stuffed on both sides of her head. The worst thing is when a boyfriend stops breathing, only to continue, gasping and choking, a few minutes later.

This creates difficulties throughout the day as well since he probably wakes up feeling exhausted and groggy as if he did not sleep at all. He could sleep up to 12 hours, but he could still fall asleep in different locations and during major events from sheer exhaustion.

Couples with this type of problem should talk to some doctors in the nearby area, such as Dr. Safarian, for example, and ask for ways to find relief for sleep apnea. Though you might not have a lot of understanding of what you could do to help your boyfriend feel relief, professionals can help you to gather some information regarding what may work best.

1. Take a sleep study

Before your boyfriend considers getting surgical treatment, he has to take a study in order to see how severe his apnea is. Once this is determined, then you could see what options are available to him.

2. Lose weight

If your boyfriend is overweight, he should consider losing weight in order to relieve pressure on his neck and throat. This should help him to a certain degree, but this is only one step in the direction of his health.

3. Try a mouth guard or CPAP machine

Before considering surgery, your boyfriend might be required to try both a mouth guard, which would allow your boyfriend to breathe more freely and a CPAP machine, which would force oxygen down into his air passage. If these two alternatives are not successful, then surgery will be the next step.