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Protect Yourself Arcade Style!



There is no coincidence that there has been a sharp rise in the number of movies, games, and television shows dedicated to following the trials of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.  It’s coming, and these games/shows should be viewed as a kind of training manual in respect of ensuring your survival.  If you browse online, you will find several guides and survival tips for when Z-day does arrive. Still, they all contain mistakes, they all assume one same thing, that the zombies that will rise will be the slow-moving, foot-dragging denizens of the horror films, based on the zombies of Voodoo magic.  They are wrong, and the sooner you realize this, the better your chances of survival will be.

Thank Science for the Zombie Uprising

The passion for manipulating viruses and human experimentation held by the scientific community has given rise to countless epidemics and outbreaks.  Secret labs and unethical human experimentation has led to the loss of life many times over, but what you are not being told is that this experimentation has led to the creation of a new kind of zombie, a zombie with a hive mentality, like that of an ant colony, that is light on his feet, cunning and more deadly than you can imagine.  Yet whichever strain or breed of zombie you encounter, you can be sure of one thing, alone they can be overcome; in groups, they are extremely dangerous.  In groups, the hive mentality takes hold, and a collective consciousness will set them on one focused point of action, getting you and eating you.

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Survival Tips

  • Fear is your biggest enemy: Keep calm, and you stand a chance of holding onto your brain.  Running around in blind panic wastes energy, you need to store that energy so you can run.
  • Always plan an escape route: No matter where you are, make sure you have a way out.
  • Maintain your supplies: food, water (or water purification tablets), and medical supplies, but nothing too bulky; you need to be able to grab your bag and run at a moment’s notice.
  • Camouflage: If you have to venture out camouflage yourself as much as possible, cover your clothes in blood stains and attach strips of rotting flesh; if you smell like them, you are less likely to be attacked.
  • Stock up on weapons: Shotguns have always been a popular weapon for the zombie fighter, but chainsaws and katana swords are also good.  To kill a zombie, you need to obliterate its central nervous system.  Bludgeoning weapons are useful, but slow, weapons that can be employed from a safe distance are best.  Be sure that you shoot into the skull as a decapitated head can still function for several days.
  • Plan your supply stops:  Avoid large shopping centers and opt instead for out of the way stores, there is likely to be less zombie infestation.
  • Don’t hesitate to kill your friends: Once bitten, you have less than 24 hours before the victim becomes a zombie.  No matter how much you love them, shoot them in the head.
  • Camp on high ground: You need to be able to see all around you.  If you take shelter in a building, get to the second floor, and destroy the staircase.
  • Radio is your friend: If there are other survivors out there, communications will be your best chance of making contact.
  • Improvise some weapons: Your ammunition will not last forever, fashion yourself a bow and arrows, or locate things like nail guns.  Whatever you make, remember, it needs to be able to get through the skull.
  • Avoid Hospitals: These will have become zombie hot spots, so if you need medical supplies to find an out of town pharmacy.
  • Forget Style: Shorthair and tight but non-restrictive clothing will give you the best chance of escape.  Zombies are grabbers, and the less you have to hold onto, the better.
  • Practice your skills: Practice your zombie killing technique; the less you sweat, the less you will bleed.
  • Save a bullet for yourself.

By following the above tips, you have at least a small chance of survival.  Look into buying some home safes now to keep your weapons in; you never know how smart the zombies will be, and you need to be able to keep yourself safe.