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7 Best Winter Pregnancy Survival Tips



7 best winter pregnancy survival tips

Whether you look forward to chilly winter days or find yourself longing for warmer weather, at least part of your pregnancy is likely to take place during winter. Read on for seven essential ways to survive some of the most common winter pregnancy issues.

Treat Dry Itchy Skin Before It Happens

Itchiness is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, and warm, dry indoor air can exacerbate the problem. There are a few ways to combat this. First, be sure to moisturize frequently. Second, bathe and shower in warm water since very hot water can strip skin of its natural protective oils. Third, consider using a humidifier to prevent air from becoming too dry.

Watch Winter Sports Rather than Participating

While it might be tempting to strap on your skis or hop aboard a toboggan, any sport that comes with a crash risk might inadvertently injure you or your baby. While very experienced skiers may opt to hit the slopes during the first trimester and the first part of the and second trimester, there’s still the risk of hitting an icy patch or having someone else crash into you. Of course the decision is yours to make, but becoming a spectator or sticking to milder activities  – just for this winter – can reduce your risk. Next year, you’ll be able to introduce your little one to outdoor fun!

Get Someone to De-Ice and Shovel Your Walkways

If snow and ice are facts of life where you live, consider enlisting regular help with shoveling and de-icing. These tasks won’t normally cause trouble early in pregnancy, but they might be next to impossible once you’re close to your delivery date.

Dress in Layers

You might find yourself in a too-hot building or experiencing a hot flash one moment and feeling chilly the next. Dressing in light layers gives you the ability to stay comfortable by adding and removing clothing as temperatures shift during the day.

Embrace Practical Footwear

Sturdy shoes and boots with good tread patterns on the bottom can reduce your risk of slipping. Even if you land on your behind, you’re likely to end up with painful bruises – and if you’re very far along, it will be difficult to get up.

Try Alternatives to Traditional Winter Coats

Ponchos, capes, and sweaters can often replace a traditional winter coat that doesn’t accommodate your growing belly. Other options include buying a coat in a larger size or wearing a winter coat with an empire waist. With a little imagination and plenty of layering, it’s possible to stay cozy without spending a fortune on a maternity coat.

Party in Style

Don’t want to spend a fortune on dresses to wear to holiday parties? While it’s sometimes possible to find affordable styles, there’s another option. Consider renting a dress – you can look more fashionable than ever and save your money for other things. If you’d rather not rent, look for easy ways to add glamorous touches to your everyday apparel. It doesn’t cost much to accessorize, and you can wear items like scarves and costume jewelry for years to come.