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Salvia Divinorum: What’s Drawing Many Tourists to Sierra Mazateca?



Tourism in the Oaxaca state of Mexico is growing. The region is home to a number of interesting features, from ancient architecture to unique monuments and museums steeped in the local culture. But interestingly, many tourists are visiting the region for a reason that has nothing to do with its history. Oaxaca is also home to a cloud forest, a lush green area that’s situated nearly 6000 feet above sea level. This tropical environment is home to the Salvia Divinorum plant, a medicinal herb with a variety of beneficial healing properties.

Like anything else, this herb needs to be used in moderation in order for individuals to reap the benefits. If the herb is consumed in low dosages and dosages appropriate to treat the target condition, the health benefits are widespread and experiences with salvia are overwhelmingly positive.

What is Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia divinorum is a very popular herb for its medicinal properties. Individuals who use it properly in low to moderate doses report lower instances of depression, stress, and anxiety. It provides a sense of wellbeing and calms for people who are struggling with the negative feelings associated with these challenging conditions. Salvia divinorum can also help improve your self-awareness. Regular use is also associated with a heightened sense of self as well as deeper feelings of spirituality. Some use salvia as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, ideally under the care of a medical or naturopathic practitioner.

Shamans in Oaxaca have been using salvia Divinorum regularly for hundreds of years. It is traditionally used to help increase awareness during healing and spiritual sessions. Some Christian shamans in Oaxaca actually believe that the salvia Divinorum herb helps them make spiritual connections with the Virgin Mary. It goes without saying that the herb increases spiritual awareness for the majority of users.

Online Ease

While you may be interested in traveling to the Oaxaca region, high-quality Salvia Divinorum needn’t be your primary motivation. It’s available from a number of sources more locally. You can purchase some of the highest quality Salvia Divinorum by connecting to a reputable supplier of unique herbal remedies. Various online vendors offer organic salvia Divinorum at competitive prices. All of their products are highly rated, and they are known for being committed to selling quality botanicals.

The bottom line is that if used properly in low to moderate doses, Salvia Divinorum has a number of health benefits. The herb helps combat the negative feelings associated with serious depression, anxiety disorders, and stress. It also has serious calming properties and users report heightened self-awareness and spirituality. And the good news is that you don’t need to travel all the way to Oaxaca, Mexico in order to gain access to this popular plant. But you may want to regardless, as the area is rich ancient history and indigenous culture!