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Spiritual Healing Properties of Rocks and Crystals Throughout History



Rocks and minerals are thought by some to have spiritual healing purposes. Some stones may aid the wearer’s mind through hard times, like those carved in talismans and amulets. More recently, crystals have been used in different types of alternative medicine healing.

While it’s difficult to prove conclusively whether or not crystals can be used directly for healing. Regardless of the science behind it, the practice of using crystals and stones in the healing process has gone on throughout much of history.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes talismans as “something producing apparently magical or miraculous effects”. An example of talismans still seen today is amulets. Amulets are ornaments, worn with the intent to protect the wearer. They’re often inscribed with a symbol or prayer that holds special meaning.

These are usually carved stones, sculptures, and naturally occurring crystals. Common amulets today are the Star of David and the cross in Christianity. Amulets and talismans are used to ward off fear or anxiety through faith and increase confidence. Egyptian tombs are found full of carved lapis lazuli, quartz, and turquoise talismans. Stone talismans and amulets are still a part of Native American and Pacific Island traditions

In her book, “Vibrational Healing through the Chakras: with Light, Color, Sound, Crystals, and Aromatherapy”, Joy Gardner-Gordon, expresses her belief in the healing powers of crystals, despite persistent denial from the medical community.

“As of this date, crystal healing is still considered superstitious, despite the fact that crystals are being used universally in computers, clocks, lasers, and virtually all modern technology,” Gardner-Gordon writes.

Crystals resonate at certain frequencies. The most common spectrums of frequencies used for crystal healing are light and color. Colors are often used in chakra healing, where healers correspond colors with a stone’s frequency and illness/health issues with energy blockages.

“Vibratory energies emanating from color, crystals, aromatherapy, light, and sound can break up these blockages” Gardner-Gordon explains.

Placebo effects in any kind of healing can alter true statistics. Measuring these claims is made even more difficult by the fact that crystal healing involves preventive measures, and other factors, which cannot be recorded or measured by science. Despite the uncertainty of these claims, it’s undeniable these rocks have some mystical draw to them.

Regardless if you believe crystals and rocks have healing powers, they certainly seem to inspire positivity, and confidence in those who utilize them. Even in today’s world, rocks and crystals are used in a number of spiritual applications. Prayer or intention stones are a commonly found item.

These stones are meant to inspire their beholder with their positive spiritual message. Headstones are another example of stones serving a spiritual purpose in today’s world. Crystals are well-known aids in tarot, palmistry, and astrological communities. Perhaps we’ll never be able to prove for certain, the healing properties of rocks and crystals, but that’s not going to stop humans from utilizing them in their spiritual quest.