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Pharmacy Discount Cards Explained



Many cities across the country, even large ones like New York City, are offering citizens pharmacy discount cards to help them lower their general health care costs by accessing the lowest possible prices on prescriptions. New York is a fine example, as its BigAppleRx program has been hugely successful and is utilized by many people in the city. There are many successful programs across the country, but it’s helpful to understand them in detail to know whether or not they are right for you.

What is a Discount Rx Program and Why Are They Good?

Programs are typically sponsored by the city and administered by a health care company that deals in medical claims and prescription drug savings across the nation. There are many large programs like these in the United States, and even those that only recently launched across the greater metropolitan areas have already saved Americans millions of dollars on prescriptions. This may have to do with the excellent administration and marketing of the programs.

How Does it Work and is it Easy to Use?

The good news is that these discount programs are incredibly easy to use. Signing up typically takes only a few moments online, and even if you don’t have a printer to get a paper copy of the card, usually all you really need is the numeric code associated with the account. Users can request that the code is text messaged to their mobile phone, or just write it down. It’s that easy.

After getting the card, users can simply access a pharmacy locator in order to find the nearest participating location in their neighborhood. In most cases, cardholders don’t have to switch to a different pharmacy than the one they’re already using. For NY users, if a preferred location doesn’t appear in the “New York City pharmacy locator” tool, for example, they can simply enter their address or zip code and see which pharmacies in their neighborhood are participating. This allows consumers to find the perfect intersection between cost and convenience when it comes to prescription medications. And there are often discounts on over-the-counter health care supplies, as well.

With the growing expansion of these programs across the nation, regardless of where you are, there’s a good chance one like this exists in your area, or maybe coming soon. Stop paying full price for the prescriptions and feel better in more ways than one!