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What Makes a Christian Addiction Recovery Program Successful?



Fighting addiction and starting on the road to recovery can be a difficult road to travel. Finding the right rehab program is as important as making the decision to recover. You need to feel that everyone around you is supporting your efforts and is there to catch you if you fall. Ocean Breeze Recovery offers a selection of programs to fit the needs of all recovering addicts. The Christian addiction rehab program is there to answer the needs of those that wish to combine traditional treatment methods with spiritual healing.

Values Based Treatment

Feeling like you belong is important. Shared values and insights make therapy and counseling sessions easier and more productive. In the Christian addiction rehab program everyone is on the same page as to how life should be lived and the dangers to avoid that lead to addictions.

Christ-Centered Counseling

The counselors in the Ocean Breeze Recovery Christian addiction rehab program offer Christ-centered counsel that comes right from the bible. There is an emphasis placed on spirituality and a connection with God during the recovery process. It is comforting to those individuals that place high degrees of importance on spiritual healing as well as becoming physically free of substances.

Learning How to Forgive and Be Forgiven

Forgiveness is an important principal in the Christian faith. Fighting addictions and taking the long road to recovery means exploring the ways you may have hurt others and others have hurt you. Learning to forgive and be forgiven can make a huge difference in successfully reaching recovery. Satisfying the psychological and physical needs offers a way to feel whole again in the process.

Fellowship with Other Christians

Having others around you in group therapy that are fellow Christians is a way to cultivate friendships that could last a lifetime. There is the opportunity for bible study each day, church excursions, Christian events and concerts and time for personal reflection as you complete the 12 step program. The ability to support one another using biblical knowledge can make the process easier. Knowing that you have others that share your views taking the same road keeps you from feeling alone. Too many non-faith based programs are very me-centered. The connections and bonds made with fellow Christians helps the entire group grow in recovery.

Continued Interactions in Aftercare

The friendships and fellowship enjoyed in the Christian addiction rehab program continue throughout the aftercare process. You can expand on the fellowship opportunities with more Christian events and church activities. Being able to share the success of recovery with others makes it a journey unlike any other. It is easy to feel confident that there will be someone to talk to on the worst days and someone to share in the joy of the best days. The friendships enjoyed are deeper and more meaningful, which is just what the soul needs on the road to recovery. Recovery success begins to seem like a real possibility.

Developing a Strong Faith and Christian Support System

Christian addiction rehab programs strive to build faith in the individual that has come to the realization that significant life changes have to be made. These changes can seem overwhelming, but faith can quell the fears and insecurities. The support system developed with recovery team members, fellow recovery group members, clergy, family and friends provide a rock solid foundation of support. Although it does not reduce the miles that have to be walked in addiction recovery, it does guarantee that you are never making the walk all by yourself. You never have to fear weak moments and dealing with the pain that learning why the addictions began can bring up. It is a total group effort that leads to successful addiction recovery.

Discovering the benefits of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will help you view the recovery process in a positive light, even when the road seems a bit rough at times. The Ocean Breeze Recovery Christian Addiction Rehab Center offers the tailored program you want to build faith, enjoy fellowship and provide the treatment techniques needed to end the pain of addiction for good. Contact them today and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. You and your loved ones will be glad you did!