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Easy Ways to Up Your Fruit And Veggie Intake



Wellness is more than a downward dog and green drinks. A healthy lifestyle is part of a healthy and happy life. People who integrate more veggies into their diet will see major improvements to their health.

Getting many nutrient-dense foods into your routine and body is important.

It is recommended to eat five-to-seven servings of fruits and vegetables every single day. These tips can help you feel good from the inside out.

1. Buy Organic

Organic food is a great choice for a sustainable healthy life. You can shop at the farmer‘s market or eat more vegetables at home. Buying more fruit and vegetables is the first step, just like chips and candy, the more you have in the house the more you may eat them. So pick your foods wisely.

Stop buying junk food, food that is packaged and loaded with sugar. You can make healthy choices when you are craving snacks.

2. Switch Up Your Routine

Instead of focusing on what you “have” to do, switch your perspective, and focus on what you want to do. Studies show that people will naturally rebel when they pick foods that are not on the healthy list. If you say you can’t eat that or shouldn’t have that, you may overeat. Instead, focus on foods that make you feel good after you eat them.

Listening to your body can help.

3. Cook More

When you shop for food, come home and wash it, prepare it, and set time aside to cook. This will help you enjoy the process of eating well. Many people get busy and don’t want to cook because they are tired from a long day. Instead, set time aside to cook many meals and put them in the refrigerator so they are ready to eat.

4. Drink Your Fruits & Vegetables

Stay away from sugary, packaged juices. Instead, make your own at home. The health benefits are plenty. Experiment with your favorite fruits and veggies. Get creative and add items like nuts and chia seeds.

Eating healthy is going to make you feel better and live longer. People who take care of themselves feel better and smile more.