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Benefits Of Group Tennis Lessons For Kids



Even though children tend to enjoy sporting activities, getting your child to participate in tennis can be difficult as they may be too shy to seek out one-on-one lessons. Having a coach barking instructions can suck the fun out of tennis which is why you should consider group lessons instead. Studies have shown that children derive a greater level of enjoyment from group activities than individual exploits and they are more likely to improve with the support of their peers.

Beginner Benefits

Taking part in any activity for the first time can be daunting as learning new things involves a certain level of trial and error. Children, in particular, can become discouraged easily if they feel like they have ‘failed’. The beauty of group lessons is that your child will be surrounded by kids in a similar situation and they can feed off one another’s positivity. When your child misses a shot, it won’t be such a bad experience because lots of other kids will do the same.

Additionally, your child will learn from his mistakes by watching the hits and misses of other players. When your child sees a mistake made by someone else followed by a coach explaining why the error was made, he will know how to avoid making the same play. The best tennis coaching centers will have several coaches working with a group and each group will be divided based on the skill level and age of participants.

Other Advantages

Here is a quick list of how group tennis lessons will benefit your child:

  • Inexpensive
  • Involves kids of a similar age group which makes it easy to forge friendships
  • Keeps children active
  • Includes singles and doubles instruction
  • Low pressure and fun
  • Classes conducted by expert instructors

There are a number of recreational tennis programs that are either free or cheap but they involve staff members with little or no coaching experience. While these classes have the potential to be fun, it is unlikely that your child will develop his game. With group tennis lessons taught by experienced coaches, your child still has a great time but will also learn some valuable tips. The better your child becomes, the more likely he is to pursue the sport actively.

In the end, tennis is one of the best ways to improve a child’s activity level. It is a low impact sport that enhances fitness and flexibility. Top-quality coaching coupled with the chance to make new friends ensures that few sports can match group tennis lessons in terms of fun and physical benefits.