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Private Swim lessons Vs. Group Lessons – 5 Reasons why private classes are better!




Many people have experienced the slow or utterly void progression of children in infant swim classes. Even with the best instructors, safe environment and parent interaction, many children either totally fail to respond or show slow progression. Infant swim classes with all the right elements do have its limitations.

One of the biggest limitations in group classes is the instructor’s attention to each child. Not all children are same, neither all children come with the same level of skills and confidence. Some children like to have individual attention to be able to crack a problem.

If your child has shown the similar symptoms, perhaps you need to try private swim lessons. Private lessons comes with numerous benefits and potential for children who are somewhat shy and lack social interaction skills. Below we will be discussing some potential benefits of private lessons for your kids.

– Flexible Programs

For most parts, infant swim classes come with a rigid and pre-decided lesson schedule. They are made to fit most children, without keeping in view special needs of individual children. Contrarily, private swim lessons come with individual attention for each child and better children-instructor relation.

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The swim instructor involved in private classes works with the child with a custom strategy that address the skill levels, confidence and goals. A dedicated attention also help instructors to change or modify lessons, as and why needed. They feel at more liberty to keep focused on single child, rather than taking care of tens of children. This also helps foster better and more reliable child-instructor relation, which helps child to excel quickly in learning crucial skills.

– Convenient

Most parents prefer private swim lessons because it suits their schedule. in group lessons, children are bound to take classes on pre-decided time, a lost class due to emergency translates into lost lesson and lost skills, which hampers the child’s final progress. Alternatively, with private lessons there is no chance of missing an important lesson.

You have a flexible and convenient schedule that you can plan for yourself and most of all, your child remains within the safety and comfort of your backyard pool.

– Qualified Instructors

Most private swim lessons Houston comes with a highly experienced and certified infant swim instructors. Though group swim lessons are also conducted under supervision of certified instructors, however the most of the time the school decide to go with a fresh and inexperienced certified instructors to save on cost.

Alternatively, when you hire instructor for private swim lesson Houston, you have the freedom to choose the most experienced instructor that know how to make child feel comfortable inside pool.

– Safety

Now we aren’t saying that group swim lessons for children aren’t safe. Most swimming schools offer safe poolside environment. However, as compared to private swim lessons there’s certainly a higher vulnerability level in group classes. This simply goes with the numbers, where a instructors have to often look after ten children inside the pool.

Keeping an eye on all children simultaneously is a difficult job, especially for inexperienced instructor. Whereas, during private lessons, a instructor have to look after just one or two kids (depending on your number of children), which is much easier for instructor and safer for child.

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