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Benefits Of Maca For Women



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With an overabundance of “natural and herbal” products for women’s health being heavily promoted on the internet, it is a difficult task to come across items that deliver. That is why we have devoted this article to a Peruvian herb known as maca.


Maca root comes to us from the Andes Highlands of South America. Its health benefits are numerous, such as boosting strength and stamina and maintaining proper blood flow. One of the most important qualities of maca root, one that is quite relevant to our discussion, is its ability to regulate hormones produced in the body and counter low libido.

Hormonal Balance

Let’s delve deeper into the importance of hormonal balance before we get back to this herb. Along with affecting the major functions of the body, hormones also play a significant role in our mental attitude and behavior.

Firstly, estrogen is one of the most vital hormone types in the body. The problem is that the body produces both dangerous and beneficial estrogen. If the growth of the harmful estrogen increases and bypasses the beneficial one, the body comes under greater threat of cancers, especially breast cancer.

Secondly, irregularity in the hormone structure is also the leading cause of acne. Thirdly, shifts in the hormonal balance of the body during menopause can be really terrible. This results in symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings, etc.

Maca Benefits

In comes maca root with its naturally endowed feature of regulating the hormone production in the body. By controlling estrogen levels, this plant can avert the risk of cancers. Moreover, it can offer help to women who experience acne breakouts. Most importantly, the maca root can control the symptoms of menopause.

But this is not all. As women age, they experience low libido (libido being sex drive). Stress is a leading cause of low libido in women, and so is fatigue. Moreover, if proper blood flow doesn’t reach the private areas, women will also have difficulty reaching climax during intercourse, and this becomes a de-motivating factor for further sexual activity.

While some conditions that decrease a woman’s sex drive can only be treated by medications or surgery (such as damage to the sex organs), most of the causes of low libido can easily be reversed by taking this Peruvian herb.

Maca root contains, among other nutrients, a rich cluster of amino acids. These amino acids directly influence the nervous system to achieve sexual arousal. Moreover, some of these acids have vasodilation qualities. This means that they can widen the blood vessels to allow blood to reach the sex organs.


The best part is that there are no reported side effects of maca, even when consumed in its natural, unprocessed state, although women who have already developed breast cancer, or any other condition in which hormonal shifts can prove lethal, should get a doctor’s advice before using this herb.

So if you have been facing low libido lately, bring home maca to spice up your life. Remember, both hormonal imbalance and low libido can affect your quality of life and instill a negative self-image in your mind, and you shouldn’t let these conditions get the better of you.