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5 Reasons To Choose Contacts Over Glasses



As a kid, I never really knew how bad my eyes were until I went to the doc. He put that machine in front of my face that makes everything super clear. It was then that I realized I have pretty terrible eyes. I remember getting my first pair of glasses and thinking, “Oh my gosh, can everyone see all the leaves on the trees like this?!” My doctor just chuckled, but I was in total shock.

It was like I was seeing the world for the first time! Glasses were the coolest in elementary school. Everybody wanted a pair but only the cool kids had them. Or at least that’s what I told myself. Then, I grew up, and I realized that glasses were the worst things on the entire planet. And I realized that I’m incredibly glad contacts was invented. Here are 5 reasons glasses are just the absolute worst.

1. They never fit right.

It’s the worst. No matter what pair you try on in the glasses store, they will inevitably fall down your nose when you are running, walking, or simply trying to read a book. Glasses are meant to help you see, but when you use them to actually see things, the task itself is hard for glasses to accomplish as they keep falling down your nose.

2. My eyes are too close together for glasses.

I don’t know about you but my eyes are so close together, I look like an alien. So when I have glasses on, it just highlights this unattractive characteristic about myself. I can either choose from the kid selection of glasses, where the overall glasses are too small but the frames are just right. Or, I can pick up the adult sizes and have a pair of frames that make my face look eight pounds heavier, but they don’t squeeze the sides of my face as much. Decisions, decisions.

3. I can’t fall asleep watching TV if I can’t see the TV.

Lying down and watching TV is a joke. If I have my glasses on, the back parts will be thrown upwards by my head leaning against my pillow. I spend half the TV show trying to force my glasses down so I can actually see the TV. Normally, I just give up and strain my eyes to try to see the TV, but it never works. So I just end up falling asleep to a blurry bright thing shining in my face.

4. You have to pick between seeing the road or being blinded by sunlight.

Yeah, they have those sunglasses that transform into regular glasses and vice versa, but who has time for that? Not me. So I have to choose between either seeing what’s in front of me or being blinded by the sun. It’s really a lose-lose situation for glasses wearers everywhere.

5. They’re like apple products, a new style comes out every week.

I can never keep up with the latest trends in glasses. I thought my thick black circled framed pair would stay in style forever. I was so wrong. So very wrong, indeed.