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Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy at Workplace and Increase Business Productivity




Do you own or manage an office? Do you have employee numbers in the hundreds? Have you seen your employees bubbling with energy at the outset churning out units and units of work only to droop down later due to lack of energy and then delivering only a small part of what they used to deliver earlier? If you are worried about the steep rate of dipping productivity in your employees, but cannot figure out any reason, then look inside your office to see how it really is.

Is your office airy, sunny, or overstuffed? Are there enough plants to release a burst of oxygen in the office atmosphere? Is cleanliness maintained there, or are there piles of dirty, dusty papers scattered? Is there water spillage on electronic equipment? Are restrooms well-maintained?

You might wonder what these things have got to do with employee productivity! These things aren’t directly related to office productivity, but they have a great deal of impact on employee moods, energy levels, and thus rate of work done

5 Super Tips for Increasing Workplace Productivity

1.  Squeaky Clean Restrooms

It may sound off-track but it isn’t. Clean and well-equipped restrooms are the number one requisite for keeping the health of your employees in a good state. Dirty washrooms harbor a lot of microbes and can cause infections if hygiene is not maintained. This is one place of your office that needs to be attended to daily and cleaned with an effective antiseptic agent. Contracting with an office cleaning services provider is key to any large or small office setup. Only employ housekeeping personnel that is well dressed and clean. Any employee who can answer the call of nature on time will definitely remain in a calm mood. A clean system promotes mood and increases productivity.

2. De-clutter Your Desk

It is a myth that if you are having too many things placed on your desk, you are busy and working well. While this may be used by many to fool their bosses, it is a well-known fact that having too many things on your desk and mind confuses your thinking by blocking the flow of fresh air. Fresh air is rich in oxygen. Your brain needs a sufficient supply of oxygen to churn out good ideas and improve not only productivity but also the quality of work.

3. Go Green

Keeping a few pots of plants in an office helps improve oxygen levels, which dip tremendously in a place where too many people are exhaling whiffs of carbon dioxide and stuffing the air. Greenery is also pleasant to the eyes.

4. Regulated Temperature

Employees need to feel physically comfortable to be at their mental best. If it is too hot in your office to make them sweaty or if it is chilly enough to make them shiver, then their minds may not be at ease blocking clear thinking and slowing down the speed of work.

5. Don’t Err on Ergonomics

A straight posture clears a clouded mind and improves confidence in an instant. And this is no exaggeration! Studies have proved that a slouching posture leads to improper breathing and a lack of confidence. Make sure all the chairs in your office offer comfortable seating and don’t lead to back pain, neck pain, or are an utter discomfort.

When you take care of your employees, it shows in the form of increased productivity. If your employees have all the talent and skills to perform their best but are lagging due to office interior issues, then you must quickly take measures to sort these out.

For any business, productivity is an important determinant of success. Healthy employees will show greater interest in their work. When you are interested in something, you give 100% attention to it and come up with the best solution to any problem. Unhealthy employees waste time, lack energy, and cannot accomplish even mediocre tasks in a very long time. Healthy employees are the ones with the highest rate of productivity.

So, hire a corporate cleaning services provider now if you are a boss who truly cares for his employees’ health and office productivity.