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Boost Your Results with a Pre-workout Routine



Preparing for a workout is like preparing for a battle.

Building muscle mass and losing weight is not just about hitting the gym for hours doing rigorous exercises. This involves a comprehensive approach, including the right form of workouts, the right diet and nutrition to fuel your body, and the right pre-workout supplements and vitamins to support you during the intense workout sessions. Before embarking on an exercise routine in the gym, it is important to establish a proper pre-workout routine.

Before you start throwing weights around like a gorilla in the gym, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips to boost your results and bring the best out of you.


It’s truly said, “What you eat before your workout session can make or break your performance”. The entire purpose of the pre-workout meal is to prepare the body for severities of weight training. It provides fuel or energy needed by the body for performing various intense exercises. Your pre-workout diet should comprise of two major food groups- complex carbohydrates and protein. Include carbs with a low glycemic index, like vegetables and beans that provide a steady supply of fuel or energy to the body without adding empty calories.

Some of the examples of pre-workout foods (combining both protein and carbs) are chicken breast with whole wheat bread, skimmed milk with cereals, peanut butter with whole-grain bread, and boiled eggs with wholemeal bread. These foods provide a slow and constant supply of required body fuel and reduce the depletion of muscle glycogen.


Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. You should drink enough water beforehand to keep you from fatiguing early. It helps to replace the fluids you will lose while exercising. Make it a habit to consume water and other non-caffeinated, low carb beverages (for example- coconut water) several hours before your workout session.


Another important aspect of any pre-workout routine is proper rest. Rest helps to recover the damaged tissues and energize your body. Proper rest helps the body recoup and recover from the wear and tear of the exercise. If you are tired and do not have sufficient energy, you have no chance of surpassing your previous best.


Pre-workout nutrition alone is not sufficient to bring the best out of you. You need to supplement your body with external nutrients besides your diet. Whether you are building muscles or losing unwanted fat, pre-workout supplements help you achieve your goals in a short span of time. Pre-workout supplements contain creatine, BCCA, whey protein, caffeine, and other nutrients that provide your body with physical as well as mental energy.

Pre-workout supplements stimulate energy levels, improve blood flow and nutrients, and provide the body with sufficient muscle-building nutrients.


Before you start your vigorous training session, you need to warm-up your body. Get the blood flowing through your muscles before challenging them. Stretching, jogging, and massage are some of the warm-up exercises that you should perform in your pre-workout routine.