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The Potential Dangers Of ‘Dental Vacations’



Most major dental procedures tend to be expensive. Unless you are covered by a good dental insurance plan, paying for a major dental procedure can cripple many people financially. It is because of this fact that people have been making special trips to foreign countries to have dental work done. This trend started several decades ago. However, it has become more common as prices for dental care have continued to skyrocket. Countries such as India, Romania, and Mexico are now destinations of people seeking inexpensive dental care. Let’s examine the potential drawbacks and dangers of these dental vacations:


Obviously, traveling to a foreign country, especially one that is overseas, is going to cost a significant amount of money. Even if you get the cheapest airfare and hotel you can find, it is still going to be a major investment. Before planning a trip like this, you need to add the cost of the procedure in a foreign country to your plane ticket, hotel, and food expenses while you are there.

You will also need to pay for transportation in a foreign country, so that must be included in the overall amount. You should then compare it to the cost of simply having the procedure done in the United States. If the savings to you is not significant, you are better off just staying home and having the procedure done by your local dentist.

Foreign Dentistry

In the United States, we are fortunate to have access to the most sophisticated and advanced dental equipment in the world. Very few other countries have dental equipment that comes anywhere close to what we have here. The countries that are the primary destinations for people looking to save money on dental care do not have the best equipment.

Much of the equipment they use to perform dental procedures is old and outdated. This makes it more prone to malfunction during a procedure, which could result in an injury. The inferior equipment will also not perform the procedures as well. This may cause you to need an additional procedure in the future that you would not have needed to have if you had gone to a better dentist the first time.


When you go to a dentist in the United States, you can be reasonably certain that the dentist is licensed, certified, and has received all of the necessary training to perform the specific procedure that you need. If you are unsure of your dentist’s qualifications, it is not that difficult to verify them by using a few of the many online resources available. However, in foreign countries, it is a more difficult task to determine which dentists are the best and most qualified. Foreign countries such as the ones mentioned above have policies concerning licensing and certification that are not nearly as strict as the policies found in the United States.

Before making an appointment with a foreign dentist, find out everything you can about the history of the dentist. This can include the school he or she attended, how long they have been a dentist, and what their reputation is in the community. Find out if their dental license is current and in good standing. It will also be important for you to know about all of the complaints they have had filed against them. Finally, you will need to be sure they are certified to perform the exact procedure that you need. If all of these things check out to your satisfaction, you can now make your decision.