What You Need To Know About Diabetes


Information About Diabetes

Diabetes is a potentially fatal health condition if left untreated. It occurs when the blood sugar level is abnormally high due to lack of a control mechanism inside the human body. The blood sugar level is controlled by insulin, an enzyme produced by the beta-cells which are found in the pancreas. Therefore, anything that destroys these cells will be the ultimate cause of diabetes. In other words, diabetes can be defined as a condition that results in high blood sugar level as a result of damaged beta-cells.

There are two types of diabetic patients depending on the extent to which the beta-cells have been destroyed. These are type I and II diabetes. Type II diabetes is the less dangerous one as only a few cells have been destroyed. Normally, diabetic patients will be injected with artificial lab synthesized insulin to increase it in the blood circulation. Therefore type II diabetic patients will have to visit a doctor to measure their blood sugar level and consequently prescribe the right quantities of insulin to be administered to the patient depending on the amounts that the body can produce.

Type I diabetes on the other hand occurs when all the better cells have been destroyed. Patients diagnosed with this condition solely depend on external sources of insulin to control their blood sugar level. Type I diabetic patients find it necessary to have their daily dosage close to them at all times so that they can inject themselves anytime they feel symptoms of increased blood sugar level.

Januvia comes in handy


The Januvia drug acts to help diabetic patients avoid external insulin injections. This is possible as the drug enhances the regeneration of beta-cells in the human body. With increased numbers of active Beta-cells, the body is capable of producing enough insulin to control the blood sugar levels.

However, this drug also has undesired side effects that pose a potential life risk. The most notable side effect of this drug is that some of the diabetic patients who use it develop bile duct or pancreatic cancer. In fact, the drug increases the risk of developing this type of cancers by two to three times. Other side effects of the Januvia drug include headache, sore throat, upper respiratory infection, diarrhea and stomach upset.

Why diabetic patients need a good lawyer

With all these side effects some of which are fatal diabetic patients might need to look for a lawyer to represent them in legal proceedings resulting from the Januvia drug usage. A diabetic patient may decide to file a Januvia lawsuit in a court of law in order to seek for compensation from the manufacturer of these drugs.

If the manufactures opt to settle the matter in the courts rather than out of the court, the patient will have no choice but to look for a charismatic and experienced lawyer who is well conversed with legal issues with regards to drugs and drug usage. This lawyer will fully represent the patient and ensure that he/she gets the best deal out of it.

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