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Is Actos The Best Medication For Type II Diabetes Patients?



Facts about Actos

Actos is a drug manufactured by the renowned pharmaceutical company, Takeda Chemical Industries. The major component of this drug is the chemical substance pioglitazone. This drug was approved by the FDA in 1999 and subsequently released to the market to help type II diabetic patients. It came as a huge reprieve to these patients most of whom had had bad experiences with the already available drugs for diabetes.

Type II diabetes is a condition developed in the human body in which there are abnormally high levels of blood sugar in the bloodstream. The chemical substance responsible for regulating the blood sugar level in the body is Insulin and it is produced in the pancreas by the beta-cells located there. Malfunctioning or damaged beta-cells will therefore result in type II diabetes as the insulin will be produced in very small quantities. This is a better form of diabetes than type I where all the beta cells have been destroyed and therefore the patient has to solely depend on external injections to give them daily doses of insulin.

Despite the significant benefits of diabetic type II patients using Actos, it poses a high risk to the life of the patient. The most notable one is the risk of damaging your liver which may necessitate liver transplant to avoid untimely death. When used together with insulin, Actos can also lead to patients having very low sugar levels a condition characterized by lightheadedness and frequent fainting.

Other symptoms associated with the use of this drug include muscle pain, sore throat, coughs, headaches, water retention, swelling, and stuffy nose. With all these side effects patients suffering from type II diabetes might want to have a second thought before starting to use this drug.

A threat to your life

Due to the serious nature of the side effects of using Actos, some of the patients using it have been admitted to hospitals in life-threatening situations. This has made it necessary for them to look for good lawyers in order to exploit the possibility of the manufacturers footing the hospital bills or even compensating them for the damages caused.

With the huge amounts of money involved in medication, most pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda Chemical Industries are usually not willing to help the patients. This may necessitate the patient’s lawyer to file an Actos Lawsuit to seek court redress on this matter. With a lawyer who has handled many cases regarding these situations, the patient will ultimately get all that they deserve from the drug manufacturer.

Most patients complain of the high amounts of money that good lawyers demand in order to represent the patient in a court of law. Despite this fact, it is still worth it to find such a lawyer as shoddy one won’t ensure you get the best deals out of this lawsuit. A good lawyer can also negotiate with the company on your behalf in case you opt to settle the matter out of court.