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8 Must Have Emergency Supplies



8 must have emergency supplies

A family never wants to be in the middle of an emergency. Unfortunately, many people do not have the necessary supplies on hand for when such a situation arises. It is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. In the event of an actual emergency, a person will not have the time to run around the house gathering up supplies and materials. In these instances, things will be forgotten, and time is wasted. Having these essential supplies on hand is best.

1. First Aid Kit

In addition to the kit that may be in a bathroom somewhere, the emergency supplies should include appropriate first aid supplies. This kit would have things such as bandages, cleaning solutions, family medicine, burn cream, gauze, and more. The size of the family would dictate how large of a kit should be assembled. Having a few family members trained in basic first aid and CPR is wise as well. Courses are regularly being offered in this training.

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2. Drinking Water and Water Purification

Safe water may not be available in an emergency. Having several jugs of water and a means of purifying water is essential. Purification can be done through the use of tablets, mechanical pumps, and filters and by boiling water. All methods have their merits and drawbacks, so it is often a matter of personal preference.

3. Food

Non-perishable and easy to prepare food is best. In addition to the food itself, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and a reliable camping-style stove are necessary. Sufficient fuel for the stove, as well as a stove cleaning and repair kit, should also be included.

4. Clothing and Bedding

Depending on the emergency and the time of year, the family may need different things when it comes to clothes and warm bedding. Plan on providing for the most extreme situations.

5. Flashlight and Candles

Several flashlights that can be crank-operated will negate any need for batteries. Long burning candles and matches stored in a dry container will help to add additional lighting when needed.

6. Personal Cleaning Supplies

People will need to have a means of cleaning themselves and a viable method for going to the bathroom. Care items, portable toilets, garbage bags, and more fall under this category.

7. Hunting and Fishing Gear

There may be an instance when the emergency is long lasting. Food supplies can run out, so there needs to be a secondary plan. Depending on the location, there may be ample opportunity to use hunting and fishing gear to catch the next meal for the family.

8. Emergency Radio

Finally, a radio will be needed to keep track of important updates from local and government officials. This may be the only means of gathering news from outside sources. Having a radio that is crank operated like the flashlights is best.

In addition to having the emergency supplies organized, it is essential to have the family members familiar with the location of the supplies and the use of everything. Having regular emergency drills will ensure everyone is aware of what to do when a disaster strikes. This is not to make the family scared but will provide the best safety for everyone if there were an actual emergency.