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Finding A New Profession



In today’s market, there is a lot of difficulties if you are looking for a profession.  There are many different positions that are hiring and one could make a decent salary as a state employee, a federal employee, under all types of monikers.  A medical biller is one such profession.

A medical biller is a person who is good with numbers and can instate a level of professional organization and bring that kind of attitude to the job that they are working.  Billing for medical purposes is a job that is beyond necessary; it is integral to the medical profession that means that there is a need for that position to be filled in a major way.

Here is a list of responsibilities of a medical biller:

  • Medical Records: Medical billers typically are responsible for the records having to do with the patients that are at the hospitals, and even for those who aren’t currently at the hospital.  These responsibilities include keeping updated copies of the patient’s records whether it be hard copies or e-copies.  Most medical offices are switching from hard copies over to files that are all online in a form that can be transferred much easier to any different hospital.  Being responsible for these records is a serious job and there is a great need for individuals who are skilled in the organization.
  • On The Spot Help:  Depending on the situation a medical biller could be asked to not only maintain the medical records of patients but also check vital signs and take down pertinent information to pass onto the doctor.  There are special medical codes that make communicating with insurance companies easier when it comes time to submit medical claims to the insurance companies that be.
  • Details: The most important value that a medical biller can have is a knack for knowing the intricacies of the system and be willing to mind the details.  So much of the job responsibilities lie within the details, and missing detail can be the difference between a lawsuit and no lawsuit.  So the seriousness and the vital need for a detail-oriented person is at the highest level.  Being sharp certainly improves your chances of success on the job.
  • Technology Driven: For medical billing purposes it would be a great idea for you to be technologically driven.  This goes for just about any kind of profession these days, but especially in medical billing.  One must grasp the knowledge of using a computer as an asset rather than seeing it as a hindrance, and the reason being is that there are so many different individual files that can be accessed on a computer as compared with keeping an extremely large medical records room. Being adept in technology only increases the frequency with which you will get to work, which is a good thing if you are looking for work.  Remember that technology drives 90% of the jobs out there on the job market, and one should embrace the technological aspect of work.

There are many different ways to get hired, and being technologically sound, and detail-oriented will give you the best chance to be a great employee.  Medical billing is just like any other job out there, it just so happens to be oriented around details and more details.

The idea is that you would utilize the organization to be a valuable member of the billing staff and would improve your office or hospital that you are employed in.  Ultimately being a good employee comes down to providing the proper work that is required.