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Things To Do Before You’re 50



As they say, 50 is the new 40 and as such it’s about time we started doing some fun stuff before we reach that grand old age. I’ve got another decade to go before I hit the half a century mark and already I’m contemplating some pretty exciting options to help me come to terms with getting old.

It can be quite scary to consider that you’ve been on the planet for such a long time but once you get over it and just start to live every day as though it were your last then you can really begin to enjoy life. Age is just a number and making the most of your good health while it lasts means that you’ll be well on the road to happiness and not feeling any regrets when you get even older still.

People are living longer, travel is getting easier and the whole world is on your doorstep so, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start living! Below are five fantastic things to do before you hit the big Five-Oh and if you can tick these bad boys off then you’re well on your way to a happy and healthy retirement.

Complete a marathon

Training, fundraising, and the day itself all add up to a whole heap of excitement and if you’re fit and able why not consider taking on a 26.6-mile course and running a marathon? Of course, if you’re not in the best of health then signing up for a future event gives you something to aim for, and from eating the right foods to discovering a great new lifestyle, this is a challenging and rewarding experience that just has to be conquered before you reach fifty.

Jungle trek

Southeast Asia and South America are awash with jungles and rainforests so if you’ve never experienced life under a leafy canopy before then now’s the time to do it. Living with hill tribes, elephant rides and white-water-rafting are all amazing experiences and something that will leave you with happy memories well into your old age. The moment you don your trusty hiking boots and follow your guide deep into the undergrowth, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision.

Mountain climb

Challenging, life-changing and thought-provoking are just some of the reasons why people climb mountains and if you’re struggling to come to terms with getting older then tackling a tricky ascent will leave you in no doubt as to what life’s all about. There’s plenty to learn and an incredible array of safety procedures to follow however, once you’ve undertaken your training then you’ll be well on your way to those all-important views from the top of the summit.

Martial arts camp

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Even if you’ve never tried a martial art before, there’s no time like the present and if the old folk in the parks and gardens of China are anything to go by, learning an ancient art, such as Tai-Chi or Chi-Gong, is exactly what the doctor ordered. Booking yourself in for a long weekend, a week or an extended stay is a great experience and allows for total immersion in your chosen discipline. You never know until you try and once you discover the benefits of martial arts then get ready to contemplate at least another 50 years ‘not out’.

Adventure Holidays

Heading off on your adventure holidays is exactly what you should be doing as you approach 50 and experiences, such as surfing in the Pacific, backpacking in Tibet, or living in a jungle camp, will no doubt stay with you for many years to come. Gone are the days when a comfortable seat and a newspaper by the pool were all we needed to relax on holiday and as soon as we realize that life and the world have no boundaries then the real adventure of reaching 50 can truly begin.