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Have you ever been watching a really good show on television and you put off going to the bathroom until the commercials. Finally, the commercials come on and you run to the bathroom, about to explode, thinking this is going to be a quick and easy movement when suddenly, a disappointingly small amount comes out but leaves you with the feeling of more to come.

Constipation occurs when you have firm stools that are difficult to pass. Diagnosing constipation isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Not all individuals have daily bowel movements. Constipation is usually diagnosed when a patient has less than three bowel movements over the course of seven days. Additional symptoms of constipation include:
• The sensation that you cannot empty your bowels completely
• Hard, pellet-like stools
• Straining with bowel movements
• Cramping and rectal pain

If you’re suffering from constipation, there is a natural remedy that you can use to ease this discomfort. A bidet toilet seat is very effective for individuals who are constipated.


– Pulsating functions help produce a movement
– Water temperature and pressure can be adjusted
– No pills to swallow
– Clean and sanitary
– A great alternative to laxatives

Bidets are best known for their hygienic cleaning function. If you’ve never seen a bidet toilet seat before, most of these devices have several functions. The stream of water can be positioned to target different areas, set to various temperatures and pressure levels, and adjusted for different spray patterns. All of these options can seem confusing at first, but the various settings on a bidet toilet seat are actually designed to allow the user to adjust the bidet for many different uses. A bidet can treat a variety of conditions including constipation when you know how to use it properly.

Patients who are interested in treating constipation with a bidet toilet seat should be sure to select a model with a pulsation setting. This applies water to the anal area in a series of small pulses. The temperature and pressure can be adjusted for comfort. These pulsations will help to initiate a bowel movement. With a bidet, encouraging bowel movements is completely clean and sanitary. You do not have any physical contact with the anal region yourself, and the bidet does not physically touch your body either. The only thing to touch you is the cool stream of water from the attachable bidet.

Installing an attachable bidet in your home is very easy. While traditional bidets are standalone fixtures that require their own space, attachable bidets are completely different. This type of fixture fits right on the toilet seat. The bidet uses the same source of water as the toilet. This means that you don’t have to move back and forth between the toilet and bidet. Everything is managed in one area. The controls on the bidet will be situated on the side, back, or on a separate remote. You can choose the model that is most comfortable for you. With a bidet toilet seat, dealing with constipation is much easier.