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6 Celebs Who Have Had Laser Eye Surgery



This explains why celebrities across professions have undergone laser eye surgery.

The main reason for celebrities in the fields of entertainment and sports is that they cannot wear eyeglasses while discharging their professional duties. Can you imagine Daniel Craig as James Bond, going after the baddies or dangerously driving his sports car, in his bulky eyeglasses? Or a celebrity basketball player, dribbling the ball while being in constant fear of his contact lens falling off?

Here are some celebrities who have undergone laser eye surgery, and are now successfully pushing the limits of their respective professions.

Kim Kardashian

This popular television personality, model, and actor has successfully undergone laser eye surgery, under the expert supervision of Dr. Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute, Los Angeles. This is what she had to say after the surgery: “I can see better than I ever have before.”

Sir Elton John

A popular musician and an impressive stage performer, he is a legend in the world of music for the past 4 decades. After his successful surgery, he does not wear glasses anymore in his public performances, unless of course, they are an integral part of costume design.

Brad Pitt

This leading Hollywood celebrity opted for laser eye surgery because he wanted to rid himself of the glasses and contacts, which he found “uncool”. His profession demands the enactment of different characters across genres and age groups. Forgiving a flawless performance, an actor like him needs a clear vision. Brad is extremely pleased with his decision.

Tiger Woods

In 1999, this legendary golfer had a problem seeing things clearly without glasses. In fact, without contacts or glasses, he said he would be considered legally blind. In his sport, this limitation is considered a serious handicap. To remedy this condition, he underwent laser eye surgery, and his vision is now reportedly better than 20/20 vision.

Richard Branson

This celebrated business mogul and adventurer opted for laser eye surgery to improve his vision and was back at work the next day. Reportedly, he is delighted with his surgery and says “it had me seeing perfectly again.” A self-confessed proponent of this vision correction procedure he even threw his eyeglass in the waste bin to make a statement that he would never need them again.

Nicole Kidman

A long time sufferer of near-sightedness, this celebrity never preferred to wear glasses, but was forced to start wearing them when things started getting unmanageable. After her successful eye surgery, this Hollywood celebrity is enjoying the absence of ugly looking glasses. This is what she has to say: “I was literally legally blind, and had a hard time managing things. Now with my perfect 20/20 vision, things are clearly looking better.”