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Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian Kurls



When you want to look sexy, many women think of loose, relaxed curls or waves. Loose, long tendrils have a certain allure to them that is irresistible to men and women alike. You want to achieve the perfect touchable set of curls that will last and be fierce all day long. Here are the products for curly hair that you should have on hand to get those sexy Kim Kardashian waves:

• Volumizing mouse
• Shine spray
• Large barrel curling iron
• Frizz fighting hair spray

When you first start, you should have perfectly clean hair. Sometimes, a little dirt is suitable for your hair, but this time you want shiny, bouncy, sexy waves. Start with wet hair and work in the volumizing mousse. You want to be sure to work this from root to tip as you want the curl to hold the bounce all day.

Blowing out the hair will give it the lift that you want. A great trick to add volume is to flip your head over and dry from the roots. This will provide you with the lift that you need to achieve. The reason you are looking for volume is that you want the appearance to be light and effortless.

Grab your curling iron and get ready to work magic. Work in one-inch sections wrapping hair from root to tip. Work from the bottom of the hair to the top. You can work in half-inch sections around your face for a few face-framing tendrils. To give the hair movement, you do not have to curl every part in the same direction. While hair is wrapped around the iron, carefully spray it with shine spray to add gloss.

When you are entirely curled, pin all the curls in place for twenty minutes. You are allowing your hair time to set. This is the perfect time to apply that new red lipstick you just got or to work on implementing the excellent cat eye with some black liquid liner.

When the twenty minutes is up, unpinned all the curls and shake them out, you can separate curls with your fingers to add more body. Give your head another burst of shine spray and a light coating of frizz-fighting hair spray.

Are you feeling sexy now? Your curls have been created with love and the right products for curly hair. You are ready to face the day with a fierce set of waves that will turn heads as you walk by.