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Beginners Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer



A personal trainer is not only a fitness instructor but also a guiding force to your holistic wellbeing. He or she also plays the role of a motivator for his/her clients. Since a personal trainer doesn’t come that cheap, you must be careful while choosing one. Here are some tips that may help you in making a choice:

Qualification of the Trainer

The trainer must be qualified in terms of fitness training education. The person must hold a degree or certificate in exercise science from a reputed university or institution. The same curriculum is taught under different degrees in different institutions. You must check the course content of the degree which your trainer has undergone.

If your instructor has a part-time degree also, it is good. You must always keep the accreditation and reputation of the institution in mind while choosing your trainer. If the person has knowledge about dietary science, he will be very helpful in designing a diet chart for you. A degree in dietary science is optional but the instructor must have basic training in first aid treatment.

Area of Focus

You must also keep the area of focus of a personal trainer in mind before hiring him/her. This will help you to get the maximum outcome from a training program as the instructor that you hire will have a specialization in training people with your kind of fitness level.


It is always advisable to hire a personal training expert who has prior experience in the industry. A successful instructor is always in demand. This shows the instructor has kept his passion for personal training intact even after spending a long number of years. He or she will have deeper knowledge about his/her job as he/she has experience of working with various types of people.


The trainer must be curious and passionate about his task. It is seen that people who are flourishing as fitness experts are always passionate and curious about their job. They keep themselves updated about all the recent developments in the industry. They keep attending seminars and workshops to update themselves about newer techniques and equipment.

How to find whether the person is curious and passionate? You must ask a trainer as many questions as possible while you are holding an interview session with him/her. A passionate and curious trainer will have more questions for you than you have for him/her. He or she will try to know as many facts as possible. A skilled and experienced fitness instructor can even guess your fitness level just by talking to you.

Is the Trainer Committed?

You must know the commitment level of the trainer you hire. He or she must always be ready to help his trainees. If possible ask for a demo class. Many fitness experts do not have any problem hosting demo classes for people. You must closely observe him or her as the person trains his/her other clients.

His/her energy on the floor will speak volumes about his/her commitment. If you do not get the opportunity to attend the demo class, you must ask about the personal trainer from his or her clients. You will get a good picture of his or her expertise or commitment.


Though this factor plays a big role in choosing a personal trainer, it should never be the sole criteria for selecting a good professional. He or she must be qualified as well as be cost-effective. You must get price quotes from a number of experts before choosing the desired one. You must try a get a good bargain from the instructor. You can either pay him or her on a session or monthly basis. Most fitness experts prefer to be paid on the basis of sessions.

You must also keep in mind the flexibility of the personal trainer before hiring him/her. He or she must be able to adjust his/her schedule as per your convenience.