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Clever Wall Signs: Can They Improve Your Health?



When it comes to important health issues, especially ones that may make people feel uneasy or embarrassed; an effective way to pass along important information is through wall signs. While this may seem an unusual way to “talk” to people about a subject, it works in numerous circumstances.

1) In a doctor’s office, for example, the waiting and exam rooms are perfect places to post signs about medical information that the patient really should know but maybe afraid to ask. People are generally uneasy when they go to a doctor’s office. They fidget while they wait. They look around the room because they cannot concentrate on any one thing. They read the posters and signs on the wall as a way to fix their attention.

2) Medical exam facilities can use this uneasiness to inform and educate their patients. Signs in exam rooms can provide information about relevant topics that will encourage the patients to ask questions or seek further treatment. Signs in the waiting room can provide ideas for patients to talk with their doctors about when they enter the exam room. It is an easy way to open lines of communication. As a whole, people feel more secure when they possess information. When they know and understand something, even if it is something that makes them feel uncomfortable like a medical test or disease, they are more likely to do something positive to help or prevent or help the problem.

3) Also in businesses or any place of commerce, this can be a very effective tool. Company owners that want to encourage safe working habits can place signs in specific areas where employees tend to gather. Break rooms, meeting areas, even the bathroom is perfect for this type of signage. You can post signs to encourage hand washing, using safety equipment, or how to stop the spread of the flu in an enclosed office space. You can also use these signs to post words of encouragement to the employees, which can help boost morale.

4) Public service offices can also use wall signs to inform the public of important health-related issues. Signs that inform the public are a service itself and should be used to benefit the public. Public service offices, such as city offices, libraries, police departments, or recreation centers can also use these wall signs to educate the public about safety issues. There are many different ways that these signs can help improve life for all residents of the area.

People as a whole are often too embarrassed to ask for information because they feel they will be seen as less-than-smart. Medical professionals, employers, and other public service workers can circumvent this fear of their clients about being seen as “dumb” by posting customized, educational wall signs. This will empower and educate the reader and create a way for more information to be given if requested. It is a positive way to impact the community without much effort.