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Is it Possible to Get Rid of the Disastrous Smoking Habit Safely?



Smoking as a bad habit is something that almost all smokers around the world have begun to recognize. Thanks to the rapid spread of awareness about the ill effects of tobacco smoking, the escalating cigarette cost, and the embarrassment of being isolated from society due to the smoking ban. As a result, many smokers have decided to quit this habit. However, as a fact, they are feeling it difficult to do so, perhaps because of the nicotine addiction or craving that is no longer in their control.

So, Should You Quit it at Once?

What most smokers have initially done is that they have quit smoking completely as well as suddenly due to which their cravings have increased twofold. A sudden quit actually invokes nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings, increased cravings, cold sweats, shaking, insomnia, and depression. This has happened out of sheer unawareness about the extent of physical and mental dependence on smoking (nicotine).

What these smokers need to know is that while the withdrawal symptoms occur in the first two to three days after quitting, it takes several months for the recent chemicals to depart from your body totally. This made the experts realized that sudden total quitting is not the solution to get rid of this bad habit. As a result, nicotine replacement therapies were introduced.

Are Nicotine Replacement Therapies Effective?

Interestingly, there are many different nicotine replacement therapies that you can use to control your cravings and stay away from tobacco cigarettes forever. Here are some of the therapies for you to consider.

  • Nicotine Gums: Available for chewing, these gums deliver adequate nicotine so that you can overcome your inclination towards smoking.
  • NicotinePatches: Available as external therapy, the patches offer enough nicotine to your body but gradually over a period of several hours. This keeps you away from tobacco smoke, as the body has enough nicotine that it needs.
  • Nicotine Gels: Available for rubbing on the skin, the gels also help render enough nicotine to the body by skin absorption.
  • Other Therapies: Cover antidepressants and acupuncture, which may not work for all smokers although they have been effective in some.

Although these therapies have proven to be effective, they have shown success only in coming out of the withdrawal symptoms. They have proved the least successful in quitting the habit because they do not trigger the psychological effect that smokers enjoy or require to feel satisfied. Therefore, psychologically, the urge does not go away and later or sooner, you are bound to get back to tobacco cigarettes. This has actually happened in many cases.

So, What’s the Solution Now?

Ideally, a smoker needs a safer alternative that can trigger the required psychological effect without tobacco, combustion, and smoke. Well, luckily, there is one such alternative namely electronic cigarettes. It is a battery-run device that contains nicotine in liquid form, which is converted into a smokeless but flavored vapor that gives you the same experience and satisfaction at a more affordable cost in the long run.