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Four Ways To Stay Healthy And Prevent Cancer



According to the World Health Organization (WTO), cancer is about to become the leading cause of death in the world, with deaths standing at more than 7 million each year. This accounts for over 13% of all the world deaths each year. WTO postulates that at least 33% of those deaths could have been prevented. Here’s how you can protect you and your family from being another statistic.

Watch Your Weight

Doctors and researchers have established a relationship between overweight or obesity and cancer, some of which are breast, kidney, prostate, colon, and endometrial cancer.

Watch Your Food

Aim for vitamins. They are found in vegetable food, fruits, and some starches. Vitamins are responsible for most of the body’s defenses, and hence the most expelled in regard to the comparative component of the body’s nutrients. Starting your kids off with a vegetable-rich diet is a sure way of securing their cancer-free future.

Reducing your protein diet is not all that bad; proteins break down and produce organic acids, which can create an acidic environment to promote cancer growth and to weaken the body’s ability for defense.

Something else to look out for is salt. Though the most common substance in all meals globally, taking in more than 6g per day can lead to colon, kidney, or gastric cancer. The intake of processed and preserved foods, seasoning, and tasty additives is also not recommended.

They may contain cancer-causing substances, usually just complicate your process of digestion, leading to the production of foreign and unwanted by-products with which the body cannot use and has no safe ways of expelling from the system.

Watch Your Drink

Drink water. You can’t go wrong with it. Combined with a healthy diet and taken at healthy intervals, your body will appreciate the daily nourishment by producing the right elements in your body for crucial processes. It will give your body the opportunity to dissolve toxic, unwanted substances and excrete them in the solubility of the healthy fluids in your body.

Alcohol is the single-most causative drink of most cancers in the world, known to cause liver cancer, breast cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, and throat cancer.

Watch Your Motion

The more you move, the more you increase your metabolism (a good thing), your agility, and heart function (basically your fitness level). Exercising does not have to be focused on trimming one’s body shape or building muscles, it can be a daily routine that makes your body poised to handle the next big physiological challenge, as well as improves your overall wellness.

You can learn how to prevent cancer by following even the simplest lifestyle changes such as changing your diet.