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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Spinning Bike Review



The health benefits of treadmill exercise

Are you looking for ways to exercise and get some cardio into your life without spending a fortune on gyms, babysitters, and fancy equipment? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider the equipment that you can use to exercise right from the comfort of your own home. A great choice in home exercise equipment is an indoor spinning bike.

What Is Spinning

Developed by Jonathan Goldberg in the 1980s spinning is a class that is given in thousands of gyms where participants use a spinning bike to get a complete body workout set to music.

What Is A Spinning Bike?

Spinning bikes come with handlebars and weighted flywheels that actually simulate the effects of climbing on a bike. They do this via a mechanism on the bike that decreases the inertia of each pedal stroke.

Spinning bikes not only make you healthy and fit by offering a great cardio workout but they also develop all major muscles in the body and they are low impact so there is less chance of injury.

A 40-minute spin workout burns about 400-600 calories and also provides a total body workout by offering cardio along with muscle training for a large variety of muscles, and along with a healthy diet plan is the perfect formula for a fit new you!

According to Edmund Burke, Ph.D. spin bike workout works:

  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Triceps
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Gluteus maximus
  • Biceps
  • and others

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling/Spinning Bike Review

One of the top-rated and most popular home exercise bikes for fitness is the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike.


  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Heavy-duty crank
  • The smooth chain drive mechanism
  • Invigorating but very quiet when used, so you will never wake the kids
  • Accommodates many different users with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Adjustable resistance system
  • Transport wheels make it really mobile
  • Supports up to 275 pounds
  • Weighs 108 pounds and measures 20 by 46.5 by 48.5 inches (W x H x D)

Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Pros

High Customer Ratings

This machine is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by 295 Amazon customers who have made the purchase, one reviewer said that: “This bike is just as sturdy as any spinning bikes that I’ve used in a gym. I would highly recommend it.” Many comments on the value of the quality you get for a low price. And many comments on how easy it is to put together. Some customers report that because of its sturdy design they feel secure in pushing their limits and not worrying about it toppling over or falling off.

Easy Assembly

When was the last time that you felt happy assembling new things? Unlike other cardio machines, which would leave you confused and frustrated because of complex assembly steps, the Sunny Pro bike is easy to assemble and can be put together in about twenty minutes.

Adjustable Seat

Another feature of this spinning bike is the adjustable seat which one can adjust either vertically and horizontally. You can also adjust the height of the seat, which is ideal to suit different people’s height ranges. Adjusting the seat ensures a comfortable and proper workout and prevents any physical injuries as well as muscle strains.

Good Resistance System

The next pro of the Sunny Health & Fitness bike is its adjustable resistance system. This is a plus if you are at an advanced fitness level and want to choose a challenging workout or if you are a beginner and need to start with a lower intensity.

Also, unlike some other cardio machines, this is one you can grow with because as you get in better shape you can adjust the resistance level to keep challenging yourself to new heights without having to buy new equipment. This makes it a better value.

The resistance system is also consistent unlike other indoor equipment, where it could change midway through the workout session. This is one of the most important aspects, as this can really spoil a workout.

Heavy Duty

The bike also has a heavy-duty steel frame, which ensures that it will not break even if you are doing an intense workout and it provides a solid and sturdy feel so it is smooth and satisfying to use at the same time.

Low impact

A great low impact workout that is easy on the joints, perfect for those with Fibromyalgia by the way, but still gives you the calorie burning and heart rate acceleration that is needed for optimal fitness health.

The Cons

Height Adjustment

With that said, there are still some things that you should take note of. One of the things that you should consider is the height of the bicycle. For some, the adjustable-height ensures a proper workout; however, if you are very petite female you might want to try it out first in the local sporting store.

No Display Or Tracking

Depending on your particular needs, this can be both a pro and a con. Many cardio machines come with some type of digital display for speed, calories or carbs burned, distance tracking, etc, but this bike does not.

In conclusion, if you want a sturdy and solid spinning bike that would give you a good workout, then consider the Sunny Pro. It is stable and made from quality materials and overall a great value for the longevity it provides in resistance settings.