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5 Activities Every Nursing Home Should Have



Whether you are seeking a nursing home for yourself or if you are trying to find a nursing home care facility for a loved one, comparing the types of services and activities that are provided ahead of time will help you to find the ideal location. Nursing homes that provide activities and entertainment will help to keep your loved ones happy while they are living in the home. There are many activities that are offered in nursing homes today depending on the type of homes you are researching and any preferences you have in mind.

Physical Activities

A nursing home that provides physical activities is ideal if your loved one still enjoys going for walks, swimming, and even participating in light physical sports. Some nursing homes offer physical activities as optional opportunities for individuals who are living in the home depending on preferences and the overall health of the patients who are interested in participating.

Field Trips

Finding a nursing home that provides field trips and local outings is highly recommended for loved ones who enjoy exploring parks, spending time outdoors, and exploring or discovering new local venues on a regular basis. Nursing homes that provide field trips often include public transportation or private buses to help with moving from one location to the next. Check with nursing homes before enrolling your loved one to determine whether or not there are field trips offered and how frequently they are experienced with all of the nursing home patients. Ask about field trip opportunities and any restrictions that may be in place before you choose a nursing home that you find is the most suitable for your loved one.

Puzzle Days

If your loved one enjoys puzzles and word games, finding a nursing home that provides activity days dedicated to them is a way for patients to feel “at home” and comfortable. Puzzle days may include classic puzzles, games such as “Scrabble” and even crossword puzzles for those who prefer a challenge of the mind.

Live Entertainment

Enrolling your loved one into a nursing home that provides live entertainment and frequent guests or speakers is a way to keep patients happy and enjoying their stay. Live entertainment may range from singers and musicians to street artists and public speakers who want to help with entertaining patients at nursing homes frequently.

Social Gatherings

Some nursing homes provide specific times for social gatherings, welcoming family and friends to come and visit patients to spend the day enjoying additional activities and in some cases, outings together. Social gatherings may also include set times for nursing home patients to gather and chat with one another over a meal or during a planned event for the day. Nursing homes that offer social gatherings and family days can also help you to stay in touch with your loved one while ensuring they are happy and taken care of in the nursing home itself at all times.

Before you enroll your loved one in any nursing home you may be considering, researching the type of activities provided and the types of schedules offered for individuals who are living in the home are highly recommended. Conducting an adequate amount of research on every nursing home you are considering will help you to feel confident in the choice you make for your loved one.