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Wedding Updos For Spring 2013



2013 has brought with it a good mix of both new and classic wedding updos. The updos that were in fashion this year offer something for everyone. There is a solid amount of both elegant and sophisticated styles, as well as several more relaxed and stylishly messy styles.

Triple Twist Bun

This appears to be like three different buns gently pinned to the back of the head. This is a more simple look that appears far more difficult than it is. The hair will be separated into three vertical sections. Each section is pulled into a bun via twisting and secured with a pin.

Curly Bun

This is a very popular and classic style. The hair is curled in thinner, tighter curls. Then, the hair is pulled back into a bun and secured with pins so that it is wide and the curls are able to be seen. Check it out on Miley Cyrus

Square Bun

This is a more affluent option. The hair is curled into medium curls that are tight. The hair is then twisted and each piece is secured by pins. The hair is twisted and pulled back until a square bun is completed and all hair is in it.

Top Twist

This is a rather whimsical look that looks a lot simpler than it is. The hair is pulled back in multiple sections and is secured to the top back portion of the head. The hair is swirled into a loose bun. Any bangs are done side-swept.

Quick and Low Bun

This is a great updo for those with wavy, thick hair. The hair is gently pulled back into a twisted bun that sits low at the back of the neck. The hair should not be pulled back tightly but should remain a bit lose for volume.

Pinned Curls

Those with long hair that want it pulled back will do well with this one. Hair should be parted to one side, not down the middle. Hair should be curled and each curl should be pulled back, scrunched, and then pinned to the head. This can be tedious, but the end result is very elegant.

Hair Rings

This is a good option for those with straight hair that does not hold a curl well. Simply separate the hair into small sections and create rings with them at the back of the head. These are pinned into place.

Up with Fringe

This updo involves leaving some fringe at each side of the face and tightly curling this. The rest of the hair should be curled and pulled back. It can be pinned in any pattern the bride likes best.

Braided Bun

This is a quick and simple option for no-fuss brides and works best with long hair. The hair should be braided into one long braid right in the center. The braiding should start right at the neck. The braid is then twisted into a bun and secured to the head with pins.

Floral Bun

This is an elegant, yet relaxed updo. The hair is curled and pinned to the back of the head in a bun. This should be a lower bun, but not too low. Lastly, flowers are pinned into the bun for added glamour.

Multi-Braid Bun

This works best for long hair. Four different braids should be made. These should be equal in size. Then, just take the braids and twist them into a bun. Secure this with pins.

Beehive Bun

This is a classic that has been around for decades and still remains in style. The hair is blown out and well-brushed, and then it is pulled a little more to the right or left and twisted into a bun that looks like a beehive. There are special hair clips that make this quite easy.