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5 Ways to Lower Office Stress



So many factors influence your stress levels at work, some are big and some small. But they can all have a damaging effect on your work and your peace of mind. Whether it’s a messy desk, poor lighting, or even your co-workers, there are ways to make your working day much more enjoyable and stress-free. We’ve compiled a list of five to help you achieve some level of control over stress-related issues often seen in the office.

1.    A Cluttered Desk

You know what they say; a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. So it makes sense that a clear desk means a clear and stress-free mind. Create an organizational system on your desk where important document storage can be accessed easily, there’s space to write and take notes and even a bit of greenery to give your desk some life.  Not only will an organized desk look better, but you increase your productivity by being able to find documents and such quickly.

2.    Space to Think

Being able to think things through calmly isn’t done in dark closed-off spaces, it happens with fresh air, natural lighting, and room to breathe. While not everyone has the chance to work near a window, you can still improve the area around your workspace. Invest in an ionizer if necessary to cleanse the air or buy some plants like peace lilies. Also, try using full-spectrum bulbs in the lighting around your work area; these are much better for your eyes as they don’t flicker like fluorescent bulbs tend to.

3.    Speak up

If anything is stressing you out at the office, talk to someone about it! If your workload is too much, suggest sharing your responsibilities with other co-workers until it becomes more bearable. If another individual is causing you distress, speak to them first and then to a superior and see what your options are.  It all comes down to effective communication.

4.    Leave the Office at the Office

Technology is hard to switch off these days and this makes it difficult to switch off from the office when you leave. You end up looking at emails and texts in the evenings, over the weekend, and during holidays. Get into the habit of switching off your mobile phone and other devices for an hour or so at a time when you’re at home. Give yourself a break from it all to focus on your home life and hobbies. If you continually focus on work and deadlines, you’ll burn out in no time!

5.    Is your job your problem?

It’s a difficult economic climate out there and you might have been dismissing the fact that you no longer find your job fulfilling and it’s causing you stress. Consider moving sideways into a different area of your company where you get to experience a new aspect of a career you’re familiar with. Look into hobbies and pastimes you’re passionate about. You never know, it could be a pathway to a new career.