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Confidence In The Modern Age



Confidence enables you to live life to the full and do things without fear or anxiety. Confidence levels affect many things in life, from applying for a job or going for a promotion to approaching somebody in a bar and asking to arrange a date. Confidence levels vary hugely; some people have bags of confidence, while others have very little confidence and this has a huge impact on the way people live their lives.

Confidence in the modern age

Today, you read about confidence all the time; whether you browse through a magazine and notice articles to help you boost your confidence, or you talk to people about how they lack the confidence to do something that they would love to do, confidence is an issue that affects everyone. We live in a society where a lot of people gauge success and happiness according to the job they do, the money they earn or the clothes they wear and it can be easy to suffer from a confidence crisis if you feel that you do not compare to the people around you. Nowadays there is much greater competition between people and with access to social networking sites people are more conscious than ever before of the world around them.

Young people also have confidence issues; research shows that youngsters, especially teenage girls, are more image-conscious than ever before and many say that they lack confidence in their appearance and suffer from negative body image. Young people are growing up surrounded by images of celebrities, which are airbrushed and digitally enhanced. As well as their teeth likely having had treatment from a cosmetic dentist and this can make people feel inadequate.

Boosting confidence

Confidence can make the world of difference; if you feel happy and confident in yourself, there’s no holding you back and you can be the best version of yourself. Here are some tips for boosting confidence:

·         Surround yourself with positive people; avoid spending time with people who make you feel self-conscious and question your worth

·         Compliment yourself and focus on your positive traits

·         Set yourself realistic, achievable goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them

·         Do something new and make time for things and people that interest you

·         Give yourself a break; not even people who seem to be perfect are faultless

·         Treat yourself

·         Exercise; exercise has a host of benefits for your body and mind and it can help you to build confidence, ambition, and self-esteem, as well as allowing you to meet new people and achieve new goals

Gaining confidence is not as easy as getting a new hair cut or buying a new outfit, but lots of small steps can make a huge difference; it can be difficult to conquer negative thoughts and start seeing the good things you have to offer, but spending time with people who value you and concentrating on the positive aspects of your life will really help; it’s also a good idea to avoid comparing yourself to others, although this is really difficult; if you do feel the need to think about other people, try to remember that there will always be people who are better off than you, but there will also always be people who are worse off.