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Avoiding Sunburn: Top Tips For Healthy Tan This Summer



Put down the tanning oil and get out of that sunbed – sunburn, peeling skin, and heat stroke are not good looks for your trips to the beach. Now, I’m not saying that you should stay inside all summer and remain as pasty as you feel in the winter – that would be crazy!

But just by exercising a little care and a bit of common sense, you can get a great looking tan bit without worrying about getting sick or damaging your long term health. It sounds like a tired message, but it’s valid and with these essential tips you’ll be able to get a great natural tan this summer without any fallout!

1. Get The Right Sunscreen
Sunscreen is very different so sunblock – as the name would suggest, sunblock with reflect all of the sun’s rays and prevent them from reaching your skin whereas sunscreen will let some through. Getting a good sunscreen, of around SPF30 or 50, will ensure you’re well protected from burning and other harmful effects of the sun, but with enough exposure to tan without worrying.

2. Avoid The Midday Sun
I’m by no means suggesting you should hide away inside and draw the curtains as soon as the afternoon sun comes around, but at this time the sun is at the highest point in the sky and is at its strongest. Even if you’re well protected with sunscreen, it’s never a good idea to sit out in the sun at this time for long periods – this is when most people feel the negative effects of sun exposure such as heat stroke and sunburn.

Try and limit the time you spend in direct sun at this time, and pop-under shade or into a bar or restaurant every now and then – you’ll still be able to enjoy the sun, but you’ll also give your skin a break.

3. A Gradual Tan Is Better Than Burning!
Trying to tan fast is never going to end well – you’ll probably end up more pink than brown, and risk getting sick from sunstroke or heat exhaustion. You might get a little impatient, but it’s much better to tan gradually – build up your time laid out by five minutes every couple of days or so to get a more natural-looking tan without the risk of burning.

It might get frustrating to not see instant results, but a healthy tan is a gradual one – you’re not going to get that glow overnight!

4. Don’t Bother With The Base Tan
A common misconception is that ‘getting your tan started’ by visiting a tanning salon or even getting a fake spray tan will make you tan better, and remove the risk of getting burned or getting sunstroke. This simply isn’t true, and the lax attitude will actually put you more at risk as opposed to less.

No matter what preparations you take to your tan before heading on holiday, you still need to exercise the same caution when you actually get out in the sun. Some spray tans do contain SPF, but these are often not high enough and not effective for long enough for you to not apply sunscreen.

5. Cover Up! (Just A Bit)
With the sun beating down at sweltering temperatures for most of the day, the last thing you’ll think about doing is covering up – but a bit of coverage can help protect your skin, and help you enjoy more time outside than worrying about spending too long in the sun. Hats for guys and girls are a must, as it’s really easy to get sunburn on your head since you can’t apply sunscreen to your scalp.

Kaftans and beach dresses are really popular, fashion-wise, for ladies at the moment and can help keep the sun off you to avoid burning when you’re not topping up your tan.