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Improve Your Dental Health with Invisalign



Have you heard of the clear alternative to braces, also known as Invisalign? These teeth straightening appliances offer more than just cosmetic appeal. In fact, Invisalign has the added benefit of creating a healthier mouth and an attractive smile.

Besides being a simple little appliance to straighten teeth, Invisalign can actually improve your dental health as well. Here we’ll explore a few ways to get the smile you’ve always wanted along with the dental health you need.

Invisalign helps you with your oral hygiene routine

Good oral hygiene is an essential component of the Invisalign treatment process.

Before Invisalign, you may not have given much thought to your normal brushing and flossing routine. But after you get your Invisalign aligners, your dental care will change substantially. For instance, when going through Invisalign treatment, you may find yourself brushing and flossing more often, even after eating. The reason why is because food particles or debris left in your teeth can make your aligners feel very uncomfortable. So you’ll actually want to brush and floss more.

Invisalign helps reduce your risk of gum disease

With crooked or misaligned teeth, there is a greater chance of missing certain areas. These tough to reach spots can mean plaque and bacteria will build up in these spaces. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay and eventually to periodontal disease.

A treatment like Invisalign means straighter teeth and therefore, easier to reach every part of your mouth for a healthy mouth, gums included.

Invisalign lowers your risk for damage to your teeth

Invisalign aligners fit snugly over your teeth, so patients who have damaging dental habits such as grinding their teeth or clenching their jaws usually experience a lower incidence of their damaging bad habit at the same time. The fact is that tooth misalignment can be indirectly related to dental problems like teeth grinding. So by straightening the teeth, these bad dental habits tend to be resolved as well.

Invisalign can decrease dental pain

Crowded or misaligned teeth can cause pain and discomfort, making even the simple act of chewing uncomfortable and even leading to jaw pain. By straightening your teeth with Invisalign, your teeth are given the much-needed space they require which then reduces the pain in your mouth.

Invisalign improves your overall health

With all the talk about your dental health, proper dental care also means bonus points for your overall health as well. Taking good care of your teeth is a sign that you are taking the proper precautions for the rest of your body too.

Ultimately, when bacteria are left on the teeth, it can lead to several other problems. Bleeding gums, bad breath, and even tooth loss are just a few of the problems that, if left untreated, can lead to oral infections. Oral infections also pave the way for more serious ailments such as heart disease, strokes, pneumonia, and diabetes.

Besides offering the perfect solution of flexibility and convenience, Invisalign improves your overall dental health as well. Although there are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink with Invisalign, it is important to always be mindful of your dental hygiene.