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Eat Like a Caveman: The Stone Age Diet



Don’t you sometimes wish you could eat as much as you want and never get fat? Practically that’s not possible. That’s where the Stone Age diet quenches your craving for fattening and fast food. We all know that our ancestors, the apes, or the cavemen were not only strong but fit and lived healthier and were hardly infected by any epidemics. That is because of their diet similar to the Stone Age meal plan. You don’t have to become a caveman but just eat like one.

So, what is this Stone Age diet?

It consists of food that can be hunted, fished, and gathered such as meat, fish, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, spices, etc. Well, after the agricultural revolution all the processed oils, refined sugars, tinned instant food cans have left us with big bellies and weak hearts. The Stone Age diet plan contains the food we used to eat before the agricultural revolution.

  We all want to live a long and healthy life, don’t we? Yes. So, if you do too, then get started with this diet, become a caveman. This meal plan does not mean that you starve; it only means you eat a lot of hunter/ gatherer foods. Initially, we were designed to eat natural foods such as wild plants, seafood, herbs and spices, natural sugars such as honey, raw root vegetables but as years went by we evolved and so did our food habits. It sounds disgusting that our race once used to eat insects and larvae during the Stone Age but they were highly rich in proteins.

Facts you should know:

Have you heard of fermenting gut? That happens to people who take in a lot of carbohydrates as it is the cause of many modern diseases. Don’t we love aerated drinks such as coke, soda? Well, you better stop having them unless you want to be an obese or diabetic patient as they contain high sugar and caloric content.

White devils you must absolutely avoid

Not to forget about the four white devils: sugar, salt, dairy products, and preserved foods. Avoid the white devils as they have no nutritional value but are highly addictive. They are stripped out of the outer layer which contains most of the nutrients. So basically you are eating trash which contains nothing healthy, whereas the Stone Age diet contains food intact with all the nutrients. When it comes to processed food, as soon as something dies the decay process begins, they slow the process and put it in closed cans. Avoid eating dead food in tins and packets, instead eat fresh food.

Strong and healthy

The Stone Age diet will help you achieve a better life by relearning the old ways which will keep you healthy and strong like our ancestors. No more spending hours in the gym as this diet lets you maintain a healthy weight; it gives you energy and also increases your mental acuity. Get rid of your complicated food dictionaries to add up daily calorie intake. It’s not just a diet; it’s a fun meal plan excluding all the processed food, packaged bread, sugars, milk, etc.