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Turbo Fire Meal Plan is No Ordinary Book; It is the Nutrition Bible!



Beautiful bodies are not born, they are re-engineered! Similarly, abs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen. The bottom line is unless and until you control your diet, no workout could do any good to you. Getting in shape while staying healthy and fit is everyone’s dream. Dreams will be dreams until you work harder to turn them into reality. Start today, if you want to shed calories and get into great shape. Start with Turbo Fire Workouts now!

Why Turbo Fire Workout?

In order to get great turbo fire results, you have to follow this workout program religiously. It engages High-Intensity Interval Training that burns your body fat up to nine times even when you are sleeping. It is not just an in a home-based workout rather a fusion of dedication in the face of a fitness program. A complete program that helps you from every aspect to turn your dreams into reality. It comes along a fitness guide so that you learn workout moves with ease. A fuel to fire nutrition guide to teach you clean and healthy eating. A workout calendar to ensure you did not miss any workout single day.

You are also provided with a free coach and online support to guide you through your fitness journey.

Fuel the Fire Nutrition guide is not just a book!

Yes, the Turbo fire meal plan is a nutrition bible. It reflects extensive work on nutrition and health. About 50-pages of this book are dedicated to healthier recipes. It teaches you ways to lose weight through a calorie deficit. You are instructed to take 5-small meals throughout the day i.e. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and two snacks in between. The nutrition guide is created in 1500 calories so you can add snacks or remove it according to your body’s requirement.

The first step to use this guide in the right way is to calculate your metabolic rate and then plan according to your fitness needs. You can take help from your free Beachbody coach in this regard too. Choose your favorite recipe to create healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You MUST take breakfast, skipping breakfast will make you starve and as a result, you will overeat. Do not forget to drink a lot of water. More than 70% of people do not drink enough water. It helps in losing weight quicker while flushing-off toxins from your blood.