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The 3 Main Types Of Nutrition Products



Nutritional products have varying uses as everyone has different goals when it comes down to their health. Whether it’s to lose weight, put on weight, get more vitamins in your diet you can be sure to find them in various ways. Below are some of the different types of nutritional products that you can find.

Nutritional Bars

Nutritional bars are good in the sense you can get a quick boost of energy for your workout and it won’t cost much. Many of these nutritional bars actually contain a lot of protein depending on your needs, so while you’re traveling on your way back home you can take one to give you that extra boost.

Some of the different flavors that you can get them in vary greatly. However, the main types of bars are peanuts and flapjack flavor. Peanuts as you know are very high in protein and flapjacks are high in carbohydrates making them great options if you need a quick snack.

Liquid Shakes

Liquid shakes can come in many different forms and flavors. The reason shakes are so popular is the fact they are very easy to consume and many people don’t suffer from any allergies.

Firstly there are the various types of flavor that you can get them in. Some flavors include chocolate, strawberry, banana, and even vanilla. You can find thousands of different products with different flavors if you look around. Liquid shakes also have the benefit of having plenty of different uses. These uses include weight loss, weight gain, or supplemental value. There is a large difference between these types of shakes. Weight gain shakes tend to have a lot of protein in them and be quite calorific. Weight loss shakes tend to be high in fiber and fill you up while also cleaning out your digestive system.


Capsules just like liquid shakes have many different types of uses also. Their small size means that they are extremely portable and can be carried around a lot of places. This is useful as it may be the case that you have to take them at certain times of the day. Since this is the case it’s important to be able to carry them around with you anywhere.

Nutritional capsules are commonly sold as supplements to your diet. Many use them after eating to flush down the capsule and the food. Capsules have been marketed over the years for their supplement to people’s weight loss goals. They come in many different forms whether that’s fat absorbers, appetite suppressors, or metabolism stimulants.

Capsules are one of the most popular nutritional products on the market as they can be quite inexpensive if taken over the long term.

This article outlines the various types of health products. Everyone has its advantages and disadvantages and can be used for different things. The best way to go about your health goals is to know exactly what you’re going to use them for and when. Knowing your goals will dictate whether you take portable items such as capsules, or bigger items such as shakes.