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The EU’s Healthiest Countries



Live abroad and it’s true that you may be treated to a much healthier lifestyle. But which are the healthiest countries in the EU currently, and why?

Japan holds the Highest Life Expectancy figure. And it’s no surprise when you take a look at its residents’ diet, which consists of fresh fish and a host of other fresh and natural ingredients.

While it does have the highest European expenditure rate on healthcare, Switzerland is ranked as the healthiest country in Europe. But other factors, not solely a good diet, play a huge part in determining the healthiest place to live.

With great drinking water and low levels of pollution, Sweden and Iceland have some of the world’s healthiest residents.

But while the country in which you live can undoubtedly affect your standard of living and healthcare, our own lifestyle choices play a big part, too.

Health presenter Michelle Roberts says that more than half of all adults living in European Union countries are overweight.

Here in Britain, we’re doing all we can to promote healthy eating in children from a young age, with healthy, nutritious options being served up in the school canteen across Britain. Elsewhere in the EU, children are taught from a young age the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Just one in five kids in EU countries regularly exercises something which needs to change.

Life expectancy may indeed be rising but its true life expectancy could be a lot greater if we all take care to live a healthy lifestyle. Health insurance can’t keep us healthy but it can help lessen the financial and emotional strain should we unexpectedly fall ill while living abroad, which is why more and more people are signing up for a policy.

In terms of diet, the Scandinavian culture is one of the healthiest in the world, as reported by The Independent recently. Fatty fish, cabbage, and rye bread make up their diet. As a result, less than 10% of Scandinavians are obese – something we can all learn from.

It’s a far cry from the obesity rates in Britain, which currently stands at a staggering 25% of the population. This figure comes directly from a BBC news health report and looks set to change in the coming years.

Known for its heart-healthy diet, the Mediterranean is a great place to live. Comprising little fish, seafood, whole-grains, and cheese, the Mediterranean diet is renowned for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

According to the Mediterranean way of living, fish and poultry should be eaten just twice a week, and diets should include more fruits and vegetables and plant-based food.

Few countries seem to escape the lure of fast food though, a factor which is contributing to many health problems across the world. It’s something we all need to limit in order to stay healthy and enjoy a more thorough life. We can certainly take a page out of other EU countries’ books when it comes to eating healthily, that’s for sure.