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What To Do After A Major Operation – Take Care Of That Fresh Surgical Wound



Are you someone who just had a major operation? Or do you have relatives who just underwent a major surgery? If the answer is yes, you are very lucky to have found this post. You will see 5 tips on what one should do after a major operation. A must-read for those who just had a date with surgical knives.

Coughing is good. Do you have an idea that deep coughing is good after your operation? By coughing, you are naturally expanding your lungs. That’s recommended because it might prevent the patient from having pneumonia. If you are having difficulty in coughing, you may ask your doctor to teach you appropriate breathing exercises.

Learn how to clean the wound. It is necessary that you know how to clean a wound. If you are scared to do it, ask a family member to watch how the nurses do that. Those who don’t properly clean their surgical wounds are prone to having infections. Who would want to go back to the hospital for that reason? Remember, always use clean tools and check the expiration dates of your gauze and antiseptics.

Understand the instructions given by your doctor. Before a patient leaves the hospital, his doctor will give him instructions. Learn those by heart and stick to those rules. These professionals know what they are doing and the least you can do is to just follow. They only want the best for you.

Don’t force yourself to do strenuous activities. I know that you have backlogs at work. But work can wait. You need to rest. And even if you are having the urge to clean your house, don’t do it. You wouldn’t die from a messy house, would you? Take everything easy. Your body experienced a serious operation, it is a must that you give it time to recover.

Get up from the bed.  Of course, I wouldn’t want you to stay in bed during your recovery period. It will do you no good as well. Flex your muscles a bit by walking from your room to the bathroom or to your living room. Again, I’m telling you to take it easy. Slow walks will do you just fine.

I know that major operations or surgeries can make one a worrywart. One, who wants to be ‘sliced’? Two, the hospital bills can be very heartbreaking. But then again, your body and health are more important. Focus on these tips and worry about other things when you are fully recovered.