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How To Properly Clean a Barbecue



Grilled food is known to cause stomach disorders if they are not prepared under hygienic conditions. It is therefore important to understand how to clean the barbecue grill to avoid such disorders. Barbecues are of different types. There are those that use charcoal as a source of heat while others use gas and even electricity.

Cleaning each type of grill is unique. Even though their cleaning styles vary, the cleaning intervals are actually the same in that they are cleaned immediately after use and monthly as well as annually. Annual cleaning is really just servicing the barbecue and replacing the worn-out parts. Before setting fire on the barbecue, it is important to spray substances like Pam cooking spray to prevent food from sticking to the grill. How to clean a barbecue grill

It is best to first burn the entire residue left over on the grill. This will reduce the scrubbing that is needed to remove any food particles left behind. Use a brush with wire bristles to scrub off the remains from the barbecue. Remove the grill grates and place them inside a plastic trash bag filled with cleaning detergent to clean all the grates. Seal the trash bag and let the grates soak for about one hour. Clean them with soap then rinse with clean water and leave them to dry. A degreaser can be used to help dissolve the stubborn greasy substances.

Ensure that you remove any ashes from the kettle because if they absorb moisture they will oxidize and rust, thus reducing the life of the barbecue. If rusting occurs, it is due to moisture coming in contact with the part of the grill that contains iron. Rust is removed by scrubbing it with a wire brush, washing the part with mild dishwashing detergent then rinsing it clean. The part is then coated with a thin film of vegetable oil. It is not advisable to remove rust by applying substances that may cause complications to human health in case that the substance comes into contact with the food.

Discourage insects and pests from creating homes on your grill by constantly changing the drip pan. To remove smoke stains, rub the surface with soapy soft steel wire, and then rinse it with clear water.

The glass window should be cleaned regularly. The inner part can be sprayed with stain removing solvent like Easy-Off oven cleaner. Allow the solvent to soak the stain for at least five minutes and then rinse it with soap and clean water. Do this a few times to ensure that for your next barbecue the food will not taste soapy. The outside of the glass window is cleaned using Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer. Annual cleaning

It is important to conduct an annual inspection of the barbecue grill. This helps to troubleshoot any problems that may occur thus enabling you to take corrective measures before any danger strikes. It involves:

-Replacement of the ceramic briquettes. -Cleaning the igniter -In the case of gas barbecues, unblocking any blockage of the tubes

-Cleaning of the burner holes.

It is essential to note that the frequency of cleaning the barbecue determines its lifespan among other factors.