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Foods That Can Ease an Upset Stomach



Food is a means of celebration and festivity in itself. You go out to lunch or dinner at your favorite barbecue joint to celebrate anniversaries, promotions, births of children, and more. The list is endless. You want to let loose and have fun, enjoy yourself, and thus you do not skimp on the platters. After a while, this is something you regret. Instead of having loads of fun, you are suffering from bloating and heartburn. This can be avoided with some simple home remedies for an upset stomach, which can be applied easily and at no cost at all.

When to see a doctor

The only thing worse than feeling this way after a fabulous night of dining and wining is feeling this way without having gorged yourself. This means you should learn to tell the difference between normal stomach problems and something more serious. If you have a chronically upset stomach that turns on you for any and every reason (all you had was oatmeal!) then you should definitely see a doctor.

Change your diet

If this is not the case, you need to modify your eating and drinking habits. You should start by taking a good, hard, close look at your diet. First of all, cut back on fats. This will serve to minimize your gas problems. Try eating more lean meat and vegetables. It is important to strike a balance with your diet, though. Too much of anything is a bad thing. If you start stuffing yourself with fruit and veggies, cut back drastically on carbs and fats, and are hungry the whole time, you will end up with an even greater gas problem.

You will also find yourself suffering from perpetual diarrhea. It is not hard to avoid unpleasant gas attacks – all it takes is just a little planning and good nutrition. Try to identify the foods you are sensitive to – different people are sensitive to different foods. This will take time and attention, of course. You can limit or avoid them and eliminate this trouble.

Stop putting pepper on everything. This goes for sweet red pepper, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. Pepper is a common stomach irritant. Limit spices only if they bother you – they do not bother all people. Avoid puffy white bread, pizza, and greasy carbs. Rather, you should opt for whole-grain bread or rye bread. Fried food is a major no-no for many people, especially fries that were prepared with oil that is not fresh. You do not know what they are actually serving at fast-food joints, do you?

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprout can induce stomach woes, so do not go overboard with these. As far as fruit is concerned, some people claim they have problems with melon and apples. For others, citrus fruits are the deal-breaker. Again, you have to figure out which it is for you and what home remedies for upset stomach will work in your case.