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The Importance Of Eye Exams



There are many kinds of eye exams that we can take to make sure that our eyes are healthy and normal. Basically the purpose of eye exams is to make sure that your eyes do not have any problem and that you do not have any disease that needs to be treated. Different kinds of exams will use different kinds of instruments as well because different aspects of your vision will be tested. For example, is what we commonly call an eye muscle test. This is when your doctor uses an object, often times a flashlight, and see how well the muscle in your eyes move towards specific directions. This will determine whether there is any weakness or poor control in your eyes.

Another common exam is called the visual acuity test. This is where doctors seated you at a certain distance and have you read at certain charts of projected charts. Usually, you will be seated about 20 feet away from the chart you are supposed to be looking at. You will be asked to read letters and numbers.

These letters and numbers come in various sizes. Generally, you will be asked to read the ones with bigger sizes and then move to the smaller ones. Not only that, but you will also be required to read under different conditions, such as using the left eye to right eye covered and vice versa. If you succeeded in reading all the letters and numbers, your eyes are completely healthy. But if you are having difficulties, then it is possible that your eyes are not completely healthy and you may need to wear glasses.

There are also eye exams that are used to determine whether you have a color deficiency. Many people wonder how they can know if they are color blind or they cannot see certain colors. The way to test this is by showing multicolored dot patterns and tests if you can see certain numbers or shapes within the patterns which are shown through colors. Exams like this will be helpful for various reasons other than health, such as for employee selection. If your company happens to be operating in the creative arts industry, you would not want to be working with someone who has a color deficiency, because your work is highly related to colors and you need someone who can work with the color well.

Keep in mind that eye exams are highly important. If you are still living at a young age, somewhere below 20 years old, then the possibility of you having some eye disease will be small. However, it will be wise to still get your eye checked periodically to make sure that your eyesight stays healthy and has no problem whatsoever. Periodic checks will also allow you to detect problems early and avoid the hassle of having your eye problems disturbing your daily routines. The older you get, it will be better to get more frequent exams because the eyes are probably the most important organ in our bodies that we should be looking out for.