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Why Buy Handmade Soaps?



Handmade soaps are, like the name says, soaps made with the hand. These are soaps that are crafted using plant-based ingredients. They are usually made in small batches using traditional methods. You have probably come across these soaps before without thinking of buying it. You probably thought all soaps are the same and it doesn’t make any difference if you picked any of them. There is indeed a difference between industrially made soaps and handmade soaps. It is always preferable to go for handmade soap. Here are the reasons.


Glycerine is the substance that moisturizes your skin when mixed with water. It has natural antiseptic qualities. It is good for sensitive skin and children’s skin. Even though both commercially produced soaps and handmade soaps have a certain amount of glycerine, handmade soaps tend to have a higher concentration of glycerine.

The fact about glycerine is that it is formed through the soap-making process. For a handmade soap, glycerine is retained into the bar. In contrast, industries making soap on a mass scale prefer to take away the glycerine and use it for other purposes like introducing it to lotions and creams. Glycerine can also be used to produce nitro-glycerine involved in the production of explosives.

Essential oils

In the process of making handmade soap, essential oils are also involved. Those essential oils come with different properties that can also improve the health and well-being of a person. Some oils like palm oil and orange oil have antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals which play a role in aging. By reducing the number of free radicals in the body you can have a much more rejuvenated, younger skin.

Olive oil is known for its skin softening power and it is best for those who have sensitive skin.

Soaps made with coconut oil can be used to fight inflammation of the skin, soothe and heal wounds and deal with skin rashes. Those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis tend to use coconut oil-based soap to ease up the condition.

It is not just the effect that oils have on the skin which is important but the pleasant aromatic smell also brings about a sense of well-being that should be taken note of. Aromatherapy oils do have power on the human brain just by inhaling the scent that comes out of it. So taking a bath with a soap that was made with essential oils gives the person a good scent that may even attract other people to them.

Hazardous chemicals

The fact is handmade soap in comparison to commercially produced soap is much safer because they are produced naturally and don’t contain any of the chemical preservatives used to make the soap last long or give it a fake color.

Among other chemicals used in the production of commercially made soaps are parabens that have been linked to breast cancer and sodium lauryl sulfate which is known to be a skin irritant. Again the fact that industrial soaps have a really low amount of glycerine causes your skin not to be properly moisturized and remains dry.

The only reason why you might want to buy an industrial soap is probably due to the fact that it is cheaper, just like all the products manufactured industrially. But do you really want to risk your health for much lower quality products?

Natural soaps may be slightly more expensive but they are given all the care they need to be of the best quality for your skin and overall health. In the industrial world, there are even luxury soaps that turn out to be more expensive than handmade soaps and yet they come with all the risks associated with them. You may prefer to invest your money in handmade soap and know that your skin cells will be regenerated for years to come.