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ChaLean Extreme: Go Heavy or Go Home!



If weight lifting is not suitable for women then who are those women who lift 1000 kg or more at the Olympics? Are they truly human or robot? Of course, they are women rather athletic women. Why you use the term “Athletic women”? It is because you categorize them being different from you. They are different in terms of fitness and health. If you consider them fools wasting their time in sports, why is that they are fit after the ’40s? Stop thinking bad about yourself, you can be as fit as they are.

ChaLean Extreme Workout:

It is true that strength training makes you stronger. Chalean Extreme incorporates weight lifting to make you stronger and lose weight more quickly. ChaLean Extreme Schedule is an intense 90-day workout routine. Bust of your fear to lift the weight as ChaLean will help you lift-weight safe and sound. A home-based workout program will allow you to lose up to 60% of your body fat. Utilize 15 exotic workouts on 6-DVDs to get pragmatic fitness and health results. The technique behind this workout is “Lean Phasing”. It comes along its health and fitness guide. Beachbody also provides you with online support 24/7 and a free coach. Order ChaLean Extreme today!

Escalate your health with ChaLean Extreme:

ChaLean Johnson will help you to get maximum Chalean Extreme Results through this workout. Your health benefits entail:

  1. Enhanced resistance
  2. Improved  cardiovascular functioning
  3. Weight loss
  4. Improved metabolism
  5. Lean muscle build-up
  6. Increased muscle tissue
  7. Improved whole-body strength

ChaLean Extreme workouts will help you get a lean and beautiful body in just 90-days. The whole workout is divided into three phases: each phase is of 30-days duration. In phase one, you burn your calories. In phase two, you push your body to its limits to get stronger. In phase three, you are indulged in dynamic moves to give you a spectacular outlook.

How is it different from Les Mills Pump?

If you compare Chalean Extreme Vs Les Mills Pump, you will come to know that both involve weight lifting. What differentiates them is the intensity of the workout. Les Mills Pump involves lifting lighter weights with high reps. ChaLean Extreme involves lifting heavier weights. This is the reason, Chalean says, “Go Heavy or Go Home”. Both workouts are meant to make you healthier.