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Divorce Strategies For Women



Let’s face it; getting a divorce is as easy as you’d never expect. But if you want to keep your self-respect, integrity, friends, and as much of your stuff as possible you will have to use a proven Divorce Strategy or tactics that would help you navigate through all the stress involved, especially if your spouse is a narcissist or a jerk.

Things to have in mind when going for a strategy:

  • How much do you care about your friends and associates still respecting you?
  • How much (or little) time do you want to spend with your kids (if any)?

Tactic one: The chaos plan

This simply means purposely create a state of confusion in your marriage; this would make things absolutely difficult for your partner, and remember you must make things absolutely difficult for your partner by simply not creating room or avenues for discussing the problem. Your lack of creation of room for discussing the problem would make you look far away in the eyes of your partner. This strategy would not only make you get what you want faster but it would also make you totally in charge of the whole process which therefore makes you get what you want from the divorce.

Tactic Two: Aggressive passive Campaign

This divorce strategy or tactic is a sure-fire winner. If you wish to use the Passive-Aggressive technique you will have to start early by pretending that little stuff doesn’t bother you. While letting everything slide outwardly you need to make strong mental notes as to what has happened until one day you bust and let it all out. At this point, you should blame your spouse for everything despite you’re going along with whatever it is that you pretending is killing your marriage or making you want a divorce. This technique can be combined with the victim card but works well enough on its own. If done right, you may even come out of the relationship with the respect of all your friends and family.

Tactic three: The Cheating or infidelity plan

Back in the years, most judges wouldn’t grant a divorce without proof of infidelity. Respectable people actually hire women or men to pose for photos with the husband or wife to pretend he had or she cheated. Why not get the added benefit of actually having an affair? So today, this strategy is the best option especially if you are no longer comfortable with the union.

This will give you a quick divorce… or you will discover a kinky side to your spouse that might make divorce strategies possible or faster. After all, who needs a divorce if their spouse wants an open marriage? It’s like getting the milk from the cow and from your neighbor’s cow too. But most likely you will find yourself in divorce court quickly… but there is always that outside chance. This strategy helps when divorcing a narcissist or a jerk

Tactic four: The insensitivity plan

This is one of the fastest divorce strategies; most spouses tend to go mad when their partner is growing increasingly insensitive to some very critical issues regarding the marriage. Being insensitive simply makes your partner feel no longer wanted and this will make things very easy especially if your partner is the type of person that needs care and love.