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Simple and Effective Parenting Styles




One question that new parents or parents-to-be faces are “How to raise the child”. Whether to be strict with them, to be lenient, or to be both. And these are just a couple of questions that they face when it comes to raising up the child and how he or she is going to turn out as they get older.

Kids throw tantrums and love to get what they want. Parents sometimes give in or just stand their ground more than others. Children have the courage to call up a child benefit phone number if they feel they aren’t treated right.

So in simple words to look at this, here are a few styles I have penned down to give you a better understanding as to how you want to bring up your child or the one you’re planning on having.

Parenting based on Instinct:

Basing your decisions on instinct is basically going with your gut or rather the first thing that pops into your head on what you think is right. This sometimes can be helpful when you can get stressed out on how to raise them. Is this right or wrong will be a dilemma you will face on a daily basis bringing your children up. It also could be negative in away. What you think is right may not always be the right answer. So going with instinct isn’t helpful in all aspects of bringing up a kid in today’s world.

The Generation Gap:

When you were small it’s pretty obvious that your parents wouldn’t allow you to do a lot of things unless you had absolutely everything that you wanted from your folks and turned out to be a spoilt brat. If you look at today’s generation kids are doing things that we wouldn’t even dare of doing back in our days. That’s because kids these days are maturing way faster than we did. You could blame it on technology or friends but at the end of the day, you’re just going to have to accept the fact that kids these days are of a different generation and you going to have to bring them up just the way they are.

Traditional Upbringing:

Traditional upbringing has got to do with bringing up a kid the way you were brought up in the past. In your generation, if you were brought up in tradition, you must have learned to be religious and wearing proper clothes, and so on. This is the way you could bring up your child but there’s a huge problem to it. Your kid’s friends may not be brought up the same way and they might have a little more freedom. Your kid is going to wonder why he or she can’t be the same way. So this may or most likely may not work in your case.