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Things Parents Should Know About the Spoiled Teen Syndrome



Most parents would give their children the world if they could.  Many children are spoiled because they are given everything that they want. Spoiled children may also lack discipline. Spoiled children usually grow up to become spoiled teens. This is often referred to as a spoiled teen syndrome. Below is some information about the spoiled teen syndrome:

What Exactly Is The Spoiled Teen Syndrome?

Spoiled child syndrome is a term that was coined in 1989 by Bruce Mcintosh. Ever since then, spoiled teen syndrome, pampered child syndrome, spoiled brat syndrome, and numerous other similar terms have been coined. A person who has spoiled teen syndrome will display very immature behavior. Spoiled teens are also self-centered. Spoiled teens may throw a fit when they do not get their way. Furthermore, some people who have spoiled teen syndrome will become violent if they do not get what they want.

What Causes Spoiled Teen Syndrome?

Most cases of spoiled teen syndrome are caused by parents.  If a parent always gives the child everything that he or she asks for, then that child will grow up thinking that everything will always be handed to him or her. Parents who do not take the time to discipline their children also contribute to the spoiled teen syndrome.

Far too many parents allow their children to get away with temper tantrums. If a child’s behavior is not corrected, then he or she will continue to use a tantrum to get his or her way.

Discipline is all about setting limits. When limits are set at an early age, children will grow up understanding that there are some lines that they just cannot cross.


The spoiled teen syndrome is very preventable. Again, it is very important for you to rear your children properly. You should let your children know early on that life is not fair, and they will not get everything that they want.

Spoiled teens often grow up to be self-centered adults. The good news is that you have the power to prevent this with good parenting. You will need to start teaching your children right from wrong as soon as they understand. Additionally, it is important to teach your children that material possessions really are not that important.