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Children with Special Needs



When a person becomes a parent, nothing is more joyful or scary; they are suddenly responsible for another life. Parents want their children to grow up healthy, active, and not go through the things they went through when they were little. That is why when a parent finds out that their wonderful child has a disability; or a disorder they need to know that there is help and information out there for their child. There are many options for children with disabilities in Austin Texas.

To start, check with the local government programs for children with special needs or ADHD in Austin Tx and find out if they offer any low cost or free programs to help with doctor bills, special schools, and care programs. For children with disabilities in Austin Texas, they have programs that start as early as birth to three years old and from three to five years old. These programs for Autism in Austin Tx will give the child an evaluation at no cost to the family.

These tests help determine what kind of program and assistance the family of the child could benefit from. These tests, such as the Aspergers test are performed in the child’s natural environment to help work with the child and the family. They will also provide support and education for the family and help the child with development and learning, and offer recommendations for special programs and schools. The Aspergers test will look to see if the child lacks social issues, not making eye contact, does not talk, or socialize with others.

Does the child have obsessive tendencies? Do they continuously stack coins, or line up their toys; do they have to leave school at the same time every day? There are also tests and programs for children with adhd in Austin Tx.

For a child with autism in Austin Tx, there are many theories as to what causes Autism; some believe that environmental toxins such as mercury found in many children’s vaccines are thought to cause or at least exacerbate Autism in a child. There is also the theory that one’s diet can cause Autism. There is research to suggest that some people have weak or sensitive digestive systems and can’t break down and absorb foods such as yeast, gluten, and casein. Some studies indicate that Autism is hereditary, and a gene is the cause of this disorder.